About My Services

For Oct. only,2 Free email sessions for all session's over $20.00 ...Reader & Advisor. I was born with the ability to help others. I owned my own shop in the N.J. area where I have assisted many through the years, to reveal what their pets are trying to convey. . I have over 30 yrs expI'll give you the truth, what ever I see and feel.I can interpet what your pet is trying to say.Weather they are happy ,sad,ill or just trying to tell you something. I am totally compassionate to you & your pets needs.I am a cat owner myself so I know the love you have for your pets!So please be prepared for the truth. You have questions I have answers,stop being confused and stressed about your pet. Call me, I'm just a click away.If you are looking for a caring honest reader call now .There is nothing so stressful as trying to figure out what your pet is trying to tell you.Stop thinking and wondering, one call with me will put you at ease. I specialize in..BALANCE CHAKRA** MEDITATION** LOVE**HAPPINESS**HEALTH**SELF IMPROVEMENT**AURA CLEANSING**TOTAL PET CONNECTION**CALL NOW.....I am able to guide,assist and inform,as our futures are not written stone,but in the end you are responsible for your action's and decision's... WHAT IS YOUR PET SAYING?

Experience & Qualifications

I AM THE GRAND DAUGHTER OF TRUE INDIAN SHAMAN FROM OKLAHOMA. ANIMAL WHISPERER,AND A CAT PERSON!!!I AM VERY DETAILED. I CAN CONNECT WITH YOUR PET TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY ARE THINKING and FEELING.I am DIRECT and TO THE POINT,but if I sense bad news I am compassionate to your feelings,because I am a cat owner myself,(Trixy)is her name! I HAVE HAD MY OWN PSYCHIC SHOP WHERE I HAVE HAD A LARGE CLIENTEL WHO'S PETS MEAN A LOT TO THEM AS IM SURE YOURS DO TO YOU.AS THEY WERE HAVING A HARD TIME TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THEIR PETS and BEING FRUSTRATED ,I WAS ABLE TO HELP and GUIDE THEM TO THE ANSWER. DONT HESITATE CALL NOW . WITH JUST YOUR NAME AND DOB, and NAME OF PET I can reveal what the pet is saying... At times you may see a bad review or a negative review left for me by some people,this is just because they are not happy souls & very negative people to begin with.I am here for one reason only,& that is to insure that all my clients recive a professional reading.I am here to help & guide all who need my asstiance.I look foward to hearing from you...please take a few minutes to leave some feedback,thank you! Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Kasamba