About My Services

Due to  our tough economic times,I am offering a special rate for the month of Oct....2 free email session's with every session over $20.00 or more..With over 30 years of experience in the Psychic World,I can offer a great deal of Insight into your questions,as a Psychic Reader & Consultant. I also Remote View and am an Intuitive Seer.I use my Insight and Intuitive Ability to "Guide "people to a more Tranquil life. I have my own shop in the TRI STATE AREA,& have travled the world to help others that are looking for answers.I have over 30 years experience in this field,and would like to make this experience as pleasant as possible,and you do play a very big role in it.I ask that you enter all sessions with an Open Mind and a Positive attitude.Our futures are not written stone, So please be prepared for the truth. You have questions,I have answers. If you are looking for a caring, honest reader call now . Are you lonely & want to know when you will meet that special someone?I'll tell you when, where, and who your soulmate is. Are you in a relationship and wondering where it might go,or are you wondering if he/she is cheating, is he/she faithful?Are you in a same sex relationship and have questions if it will work? Have you met your soulmate and dont even know it?Are you wondering about a career, is there a  change in your life? Have you been experiencing WEIRD DREAMS? Stop thinking and wondering one call with me will put you at ease...At the end of each session I do suggest that you leave your opnion on the raedind,any feed back is welcomed,,,thank you!!! I specialize in........INDIAN LOVE SPELLS**  LOVE**HAPPINESS~~HEALTH**RELATIONSHIPS~~MONEY**BUSINESS~~MEDITATION**AURA CLEANSING~~CHAKRA BALANCING~~SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS~~REMOTE VIEWING**REIKI**ASTROLOGY~~CLAIRVOYANT~~Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Experience & Qualifications

I AM THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF A TRUE INDIAN SHAMAN & I WAS BORN WITH THE ABILTY AS A PSYCHIC,ACURATE AND VERY DETAILED. I HAVE OWNED MY PSYCHIC SHOP IN THE TRI STATE AREA WHERE I HAVE HAD A LARGE CLIENTEL THAT HAVE COME TO ME FOR ASSISTANCE AND HAVE FOUND TRUE HAPPINESS... I as a "Reader" can merely guide you, and answer any concerns that you might have,but in the end you are responsible for your "Actions" and "Decisions"!Call now for the answers you deserve...........At times you may see a bad review or a negative review left for me by some people,this is just because they are not happy souls and very negative people to begin with.I am here for one reason only,and that is to insure that all my clients recive a Professional session.I am here to help & guide all who need my asstiance.I look foward to hearing from you...Please take a few minutes to leave some feedback,thank you! Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Kasamba