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** NEW on Kasamba ** Let the Tarot Cards guide you to your goals!
I am Malaysia's No.1 Tarot Reader and will guide you to your Soulmate and True Calling in lIfe.
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Hello! Am I the psychic you’ve been waiting all your life for?
This is a good time to find out.
Apart from Tarot Reading, I am also a chakra healer, a professional singer, dancer, and more. I use my Astrology skills for my clients as well. While I was in Auckland in 2011, I reseached Astrology with New Zealand's top Astrologer. I also researched styles associated with divination and healing such as Taoism oracle, palmistry, tea leave reading, angel cards reading, meditation and many other forms of healing arts, I finally found my true calling in Tarot.
My intuition and all my academic knowledge guide me in my readings, helping you find clarity and awakening, your life's purpose.

Experience & Qualifications

Guest Tarot Reading for Corporate Events/Brands - Johnnie Walker, Singleton, Shell, Lazada, Standard Chartered Bank,
PriceWaterHouseCooper, Acer and many more...
Bachelor of Communications (Journalism & Public Relations)
Masters in Performing Arts (Dance)
PhD in Human Communications(Ongoing)
Miss Malaysia World 2009 (Finalist)
Miss Malaysia Earth Energetic 2013


Bachelor in Communications (Journalism & Public Relations), Masters in Performing Arts (Dance), PhD in Human Communications