About My Services

Born into a long line of psychic women, tracing back to thick bloodlines of the English and Scottish healers and see-ers, I can offer you powerful and accurate psychic readings, from my home here, in York England, UK! You will receive the best psychic reading, from a real psychic, with accurate and trusted information, insight, and guidance. Even if countries and oceans separate us, we are connected directly through Source energy, as we are "all one". Make your connections today and see what insight is waiting for you.

Experience & Qualifications

Former psychic medium for Best American Psychics, I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people around the world for over a decade, both online with my personal business, and in person, doing accurate psychic readings and mediumship work. I am a natural born psychic, born into a long line of generational psychic women, tracing back to the ancient times in England and Scotland, as well as Norway ;) Join me, as I speak with you from my home in York, England UK for the best psychic reading!


Past Life Regression, Priestess, Tarot, Dream Analysis