About My Services

HI, My name is Sarah and I want to welcome you to my profile page and thankyou for taking the time out to read.I use a combination of channeling your spirit guides and Angels, Clairvoyance, Empathy, Energy Work, Divine Intention, LOVE and LIGHT to assit you on your Journey.

I am able to provide accurate and insightful Spiritual Guidance. Guidance given is as it is seen at that point in time, as all time is fluid and we are able to make choices and change the turn of events predictions can be so variable. The predictions made are based on actions taken by yourself and at the time of the reading the MOST LIKELY turn of events. We are so very often placed on crossroads and the choice is ours which road to take. I am blessed to help you decide which road is for your highest good with the help and assistance of my gifts and messages from your guides, who are always with you and always encouraging and reassuring you. I try to encourage my clients not to hang on too much to dates and specific times as to much energy placed on waiting in expectation is energy that can be used to shift your life in the direction you wish it to go. Also as a result of free will and choice events are open to change. However if I feel a timescale is useful I am happy to pass this on. My aim is to empower you to make choices, to recognise your own responsibility, to make changes and to fully utilise the free will given to you by the Higher Source.

All courses of events can be changed, YOU ARE IN CHARGE HERE!! Our thoughts, belief-systems and feelings actually create the world around us and the energy we give out by the 'LAW OF ATTRACTION,' this attracts the mirror energy to us and influences the experiences we have. I like to view ALL experience as lessons that actually assist us in our growth. It is also my goal to aid you to gain deeper insight into these lessons and to gain from them and view life positively. By assisting you to make the highest choices in your life now, this can assist your future to unfold as you would wish.

I would love to help you develop your own intuitive gifts, as we ALL have them! We are all slowly awakening to our TRUE SELVES ...and see the STARS that we are.. you are able to open up to the vastness of the Universe and see your own innate powers of telepathy, clairvoyance and manifestation, as you are beyond measure powerful....I offer focussed guidance specifically aimed at opening up your spiritual gifts. I am able to look into your own Spirit Guides, pass on names and identities if relevant, and can help you to open up so you may speak to your guides and Angels yourself. Fees based for this work is negotiable.

I am able to provide PAST LIFE READINGS where they are relevant to situations in your life now. I also undertake deep energy work, and can send healing energy to you and a situation you are in, to cleanse and transform the energy surrounding you. I am able to assist you make goals and work towards them assiting to empower you and aid your realisation of your true powerful essence. I am able to provide meditations, remote energy sessions, attunments, affirmations and visualisations.

If I am unable to make a connection with you I will be honest and let you know so that you can contact another reader. There is no charge for connection time.


Experience & Qualifications

BA (Honours) Art Therapy

Bsc (Honours)Occupational Therapy

Post Graduate Specialism Training Sensory Integration Therapy

Usui Reiki, level 1, 11, and Master Level

Karuna Reiki Level 1, 11 and Master level.

Member of the Spiritualists National Union in the UK.

Continuing Professional Development: Crystal Healing, Mediumship, Angel Readings and Healing. Dream Interpretation. Meditation, Divination (Using Tarot, pendulum, Angel Cards) Past-Life Regression. Akashic Records. Pleidian Lightwork. Remote Veiwing. Sacred Geometry.

I have many years experience working with clients undertaking Energy- Work, Therapeutic and Spiritual Guidance.

I have for over two decades avidly studied metaphysical works, engaged in meditation, prayer and connecting with the Higher realms. I believe in no one individual religious doctrine, but KNOW that we are ALL ONE with the HIGHER SOURCE OF I AM. And I place this SOURCE and and 'CHRIST' Consciousness at the centre of my readings. I also work with Angel Energy, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

I have many years experience working therapeutically with many clients who have experienced many forms of abuse, loss, and suffering which resulted in Self-Doubt, Despair, uncertainty, difficulty with Trust, Depression, Self-harm, low-self worth and lack of confidence. I am able to assit you in clearing any of these issues if they affect your life now, your choices and the energy your draw towards you in this life. I am also able to assit you seeing what you may have brought from a previous Incarnation through Past -Life readings also. My approach is Professional, confidential and loving.

Alongside working with Adults for many years I also have extensive experience working with the 'Children of the Light' the Souls who are regarded as 'difficult' many differing diagnosis and Labels which include Autism, Behavioural and emotional difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Personality Difficulties and attachment disorders etc. I am here to help guide you if you feel you have one of these beloved souls and would like deeper guidance on how to support them. These Children are the NEW LIGHT......They are our gifts and the Highest New Vibrations coming forward to embrace the NEW EARTH...

I look forward so much to talking to you...WITH LOVE and STARLIGHT




Degrees BA (Hons) Art Therapy 2.1 Classification Bsc ( Hons) Occupational Therapy 1st Class Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master