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** NEW on Kasamba ** I was raised since birth in the Church of Christ. Probably one of the strictest most inflexible religious belief systems out there. I know what most "spiritual" people say regarding psychics, seers, mediums, etc. I also know what the bible says. I can provide scripture reference not only to re-assure you that what I do is perfectly in line with His word but I can also provide scripture where it is promised He gives gifts to ALL and has no favorites. I can help you discover your innate gifts and talents. I believe what the bible says, however it was written by men. Men who had prophetic visions etc. but men none the less. If God wanted the bible to be perfect then Jesus Christ would be the author of every book, chapter, and verse. Come to me for clarity on biblical issues, crises of faith, and all other manner of confusion regarding religiosity masquerading as spirituality. I am a follower of Christ Jesus and I strive to be in alignment with Him and His teachings and principles. Let me help you shed the guilt and fear complex and learn to truly live. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Every reading I provide is personalized, honest, and in depth. I view each reading as a three way conversation between myself, the querent (you), and The Divine. I have an arsenal of tools I am fully adept at utilizing to assist in inquiries, issues, and dilemmas. I can assist with none of which defy my Lords commands. All of the methodology I employ I have rigorously researched and compared to the written word and has scientific data proving its value and worth. I want my clients to rest assured I am of a completely clear conscience as they should be when seeking additional/unseen information regarding themselves and their futures. There is nothing inherently special about me and all of the Glory goes to my divine creator.

Experience & Qualifications

Registered Nurse sine 2011, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Tarot Master - Clairvoyant I regularly read various interpretations of the bible and compare/contrast Hebrew interpretations. I have attended a number of different churches and researched differing belief systems. I have come to my own personal understanding and have developed a deep and meaningful relationship with our creator.


Registered Nurse (AAS), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist,Tarot Master