About My Services

"I have been helping people overcome the darkness in their lives since i was eleven.I have heard it all.And i know that there is hope in every case.I have helped people from many diverse religions,cultures and backgrounds.Beauty lies within all beings and some times we need to reach out and find another to connect to and tell then are situation and ask the questiothat nobody else seems to have an answer to. I am going to let you know about all the things you are not sure or worried about.Love specialist and past-life regression advisor.I have been guiding those in true need with problems painful and confusing all together.I am also a Love Specialist in same gender relationships.I have helped people with problems regarding MOLESTATION,RAPE,INFIDELITY,MENTAL DISORDERS,DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES,CONSTANT PHOBIAS AND FEARS,FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY,TRANS-GENDER MIXED EMOTIONS,FEELINGS OF BEING SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE OR ARE,and much more.Whether psycological,spiritual or physical I can help you be better today and live your life the way you feel it should be lived.I want to listen to what you have to say with a open heart.Call me now.I also offer TAROT,CRYSTAL,and PSYCHIC READINGS,but also a wide range of unique readings from all over the world.PSYCHE,READING OF A THOUSAND TEARS,KARMA & AURA,BUDDHIST DREAM INTERPRETATION.These are to guide you if you are inor if you rather just talk to someone who can really understand,I am here to one and all who need my help".

Experience & Qualifications

"I have been predicting and advising since i was seven.I started advising professionally at eleven in my mother's reading shop and in private confession sessions in los angeles.I have been recruited by many others since then.For nine years I've traveled learning new sources for divination,and have helped countless others with my god given gift to direct the feet of those whom search.And those who need a freind when it is really needed".


"I have been a professional reader for eleven reading locations.In phoenix,london,miami,encino and many more".