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Stassi is very intuitive and insightful and also a very quick typist - she helped me to clarify things today and I'll certainly be back! thanks Stassi Shanti 4-4-14 Other Specialties  
About My Services

Once you and I make a connection, I will be able to pick up on on your energy and your spiritual being. We will sift out all the negative energy and people in your life that are currently allowing you to remain stuck. I will help you get on a constructive path by helping you see around the corner and know what you are headed for and what you can expect to happen in your life. By knowing this, you can avoid the pitfalls you would otherwise encounter. You deserve to have a good life. Contact me. Let's begin today. How I conduct a session: When I read for you I will ask you a brief background on what is going on that has brought you to me today. I will ask for first names. I will ask you to state your questions and we will begin. I hope you will allow me to work with you on finding the reasons behind things that have happened, work toward mending the damage done, and looking forward to an empowered future!

Experience & Qualifications

I have twenty-seven years experience in metaphysics and inter-personal relationships.I don't have a negative feeling in my body about your lifestyle. It's not my place to judge. Readings with me are relaxed and productive. I usually take about 90 seconds to connect. From that point forward, I am to the point and accurate. Whether you want to do all the talking, or say nothing at all, my readings will suit your personality. I am sensitive to your needs and adaptable. I take pride in being realistic. I recognize that the best thing a person can hear is the truth, even if it is not ideal to hear at the time.


Metaphysics, Alternative Medicine and Life Styles