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Angel Card Reading



I am a healer and angel card reader, I can help you make connections between yourself and the cards, and what those cards mean specifically at that moment to you. I have always experienced visions and outcomes through dreams and feelings. My readings offer guidance on how best to proceed when you have reached a deadlock in your life. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have been a Tarot, oracle and a Cartomancy card Reader, Sensitive, life Coach and Mentor, Intuitive and an Advisor. My life calling is to aid you on your journey using my innate abilities and cards. I offer deep insight, counseling and advice on any subject I believe that the Tarot is journey where there is always something new to learn and ways to grow with it and I’m looking forward to this journey with you! I began to intuitively read tarot at age 17, I received guidance and formal training from professional Resources, I also utilize channeling Divine Spirit messages and Quantum healing into my divinations. I have supported many clients to find their inner Divine light and make sense of their life journey and career. I understand their relationships and clear out the old energies that are blocking the way to a light existence. I offer you a compassionate and direct divination. I enjoy reading the cards and bringing them to life. During your consult, I will answer all the questions you have and unfold the mysteries around you. I will bring clarity to your situation and provide the information you have been seeking for a long time. you won’t be disappointed in the results from your reading. I can’t wait to speak with you!

Experience & Qualifications

My psychic experience of 12 years had let me down a path where i have blended my unique combination of skills into a satisfying career. At a very young age, I became aware that I was able to hear and feel the inner thoughts and feelings of people around me, Throughout my life I have developed these natural abilities, along with a deep connection to spirit guides which allows me to help people over the years and this in itself is so rewarding , You can expect a professional reading from myself with love, care and I will talk the truth with where sprit will guide me that’s where my reading will go and I am here to help guide you in all areas of your lives. I am also a spiritual coach, and teach all areas of psychic development. Call to see what your future lies ahead of you........


I was born into a family who were mediums and psychics. This is a gift I was born with and have had with me since birth, so it is quite natural to me. I enjoy guiding my clients on their pathway to give understanding with help from my spirit guides and angels and also send distance healing and protection to clients I am reading for, I promise that you will leave me feeling enlightened and uplifted and able to the start the next chapter of your life with many dark corners lit up.