About My Services

Have you been looking for answers and haven't found them? The tarot is one of the best tools in working out issues and showing the best direction to travel in life to get the most out of it... A reader of the tarot for many years I can help you find the answers to your many questions and give you the direction that will give you the best outcome and the fastest route to your success...Tarot is great for working out time frames and explaining the make ups of others...When you understand the other person or the situation that you are inquiring about you are half way there to making life work in the way that is best for you. Come for a full tarot reading given with compassion and understanding to your needs.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading the tarot for nearly 2 decades. I teach the tarot on line and in person. I understand the cards and also read things from them that other readers may not pick up on. I am proficient in more than one deck however I prefer to use the rider-waite deck


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher.