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In a world filled with psychic fairs and spiritual counselors, D.J. Ownbey knows what he is talking about.

The psychic from Old Brooklyn has made bold predictions about events that several months later, made even bolder headlines. He foretold the Browns move. When Clevelanders still thought of Baltimore, as Just city in Maryland. Ownbey also predicted the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, and more chillingly that a major air disaster would be caused by a problem with an engine under a left wing.

Such accurate premonitions have prompted socialites, stockbrokers, and celebrities from Old Brooklyn to Beverly Hills to consult him for advice about the yet to come.

A love for his hometown – and a desire to enlighten it – brought him back to Cleveland six years ago. “Cleveland is a Capricorn town. Were a little conservative here..” Ownbey says. “We need a little more of the psychic communities influence.”

Ownbey makes his living, reading his client’s futures in health money and love. But it’s the work he’s done for free that has made the most impact. Fifty-three murder cases have been solved with Ownbey’s ability to tap into his “superconsious” and witness events even after they’ve happened.

Ownbey doesn’t just “get a feeling.” He says, he experiences via all five senses another place and time. When Ownbey tells you that a new home is in your future. It’s because he smells fresh paint and newly laid carpeting. Ownbey a fourth-generation psychic says he inherited his gifts from his great-grandmother, Roman Psychic, Lucia Frabotta.

“Unfortunately (she) never lived to see the day when psychic abilities are very popular.” Ownbey says, “when people realize we don’t wear babushkas and earings.”

By Candace Goforth
Cleveland Magazine’s Best of 1996
DEC 96; page 16


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Is a Tarot Reading set in stone

Tarot Readings tell you what is going to happen, based on the present moment, if there is something that you do not like you can change it! You are the master of your destiny. If the future was set in stone Tarot Readings would be pointless. By changing your thoughts and energy you have the power to change your life! However, when it comes to things such as soulmate, lovers, friends, and family connections, I believe this is more of a divine will (fate thing), so we can learn the lessons we were intended to in this particular incarnation.

Do Tarot Card Readers just tell you what you want to hear in their Tarot Card Readings?

I can only speak for myself of course. I make my money off of repeat business. Many of my customers have been coming to me for years and they have recommended tons of people to me because they were happy with my services and accurate predictions. With the current costs of advertising, a Tarot Card Reader simply cannot survive doing one time readings for long. I have become successful because of repeat business and referrals. It has given me the edge to thrive in a very competitive field now for over 20 years. I believe other successful Tarot Card Readers are of the same rationale as I am.

Is there any science behind how the Tarot Card Readings Work?

Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung believed they worked through a process he termed as synchronicity. The theory of synchronicity can be summed up as co-incidence, meaning events that come together outside the realm of “chance.” These experiments were conducted at C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. I am also aware of Art Rosengarten that conducted allot of experiments with the tarot and he has authored several books on the subject.

Are there Tarot Card Readers that are bad?

Definitely, just like with any field. The best way to avoid bad Tarot Card Readers is that you go to someone that has a user rating system or was referred to you by someone you know. When looking through their reviews, look to see that they have repeat clients, as you do not go back to a Tarot Card Reader for another Tarot Reading where nothing happens that they have predicted.

What is the history of the Tarot-Are they evil/bad?

The first two decks that we know of appeared in 1441 and 1450, the later being the 78 card deck we are familiar with today (Vistonti-Sforsa of 1450). The cards were originally known by the name Tarocchi (many allege they were named after a river and town where the first two decks originated (in Italy). The French shortened tarocchi to “Tarot.” Most Europeans saw the cards as nothing more then a harmless game, much like we see our modern day playing cards. In fact, our modern day playing cards originate from the tarot (minor arcana-52 cards) The symbols change on our modern cards from cups to hearts, from swords to spades, from wands to clubs, and from pentacles to diamonds. The Tarot have strong links to the Kabbalah (believed to have originated by Moses in the bible).
To say the Tarot Cards are evil is pure ignorance of their history. If you say they are evil you are also saying the founder of Judaism and thus Christianity is evil!

Should I come for a Tarot Card Reading when I am upset?

This is the biggest mistake that clients make in my opinion. It is the worst thing you can do actually. When you are in intense emotion it is hard for a Tarot Card Reader to help you. Often it is hard for a Tarot Card Reader to distinguish a person’s emotions from what is going to happen.



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