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Tarot Reading



I use Fairy Tarot Cards in a ten cross Celtic spread and I will also use Past Life Oracle Cards if you want to know about your past life. I can tell the present, what is holding you back, your fears, who is coming in and obviously your future. Past Life tarot cards will inform you what past life is holding you back. Many times you have lived past lives with those closest to you. As I am also a clairvoyant psychic I will visions as I read your cards. It will blow you away!!! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I can do a psychic reading by Kasamba email, phone or by chat. I love using the Fairy Tarot Cards and Past Life Oracle Cards. I get visions as a clairvoyant psychic and also pick up emotions as an empath and a sensitive and the tarot cards are just a tool to enhance my gift. I offer clarification after your reading for free. All of your questions will be answered accurately and I will not sugarcoat my readings! DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old Readings do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor

Experience & Qualifications

I have been providing psychic readings for over 30 years. I have been a Kasamba Expert since 2008 and provided psychic readings for people from all over the world. I am clairvoyant, seer, and get visions. I am a sensitve and empath and can tell you what someone feels and is thinking. I pick up your energy as well. It is a gift from God and I was born with it. I am a paranormal investigator and currently writing about my ghost adventures and my evidence to support it. I'm qualified as I know my reviews from my clients confirm that I am accurate. I have also read by using the Ryder Waite Tarot card deck. Now, I am connected with the Fairies and use the Fairy Tarot Cards the most.


I am a licensed RN, BSN. I worked in Hospice. I am a Life Coach and created care plans for every patient. I am a spiritual teacher and cover many subjects including how to enhance your own psychic abilities on my own radio show. Paranormal Investigator and I've been featured on the History channel. I was born with this psychic gift and as a sensitive and empath. It's generational.