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** NEW on Kasamba ** The Tarot cards are one of my favorite tools to use as they can answer just about any question you can think of to ask. I use them in readings to focus on the specific questions you have, and they always help find a way through tough decisions. If you have a question, lets chat! Other Specialties  
About My Services
For over 25 years I have been using the Tarot to help clients see the past, present and future so as to bring clarity, balance and guidance to their lives. I use the Tarot in conjunction with my knowledge of Kabbalah to help clients make healthy choices in love, relationships and career. Whatever your question, I can draw cards and give you the answers! As they are flexible, they can be used for multiple questions during a reading. What do the Tarot have to say about you? Lets chat and find out.

Experience & Qualifications

I learned Tarot in my late teens to help me focus my intuitions and understand my visions. Later I found that the Tarot was directly connected to the Kabbalah, and have since used them for readings, meditation and manifestation. In learning the Tarot I studied with Studied Master Psychics Kay Dunn and Peter Blocker for 5 years during my time working professionally as a psychic for one of Americas oldest psychic tearooms.(1994-2003)


Certified Tarot Reader