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psychic astrology: 30+ years i've helped people with questions on romance, life choices, money, business, health, and have solved crime mysteries. Other Specialties  
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I provide answers to questions using psychic abilities and astrology. Love,health,money, and crime solving aid questions accepted. All questions considered on many topics. If you have ever visited astrology or psychic chat rooms you may know me. I am renowned there for my ability to explain things in a way people can understand. I have been told many times how accurate my 'sight' has been and my astrology predictons prove out. I am most often online most days from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm central U.S. time. If im not on its because im with a client or i will be back shortly. Will not provide lottery numbers

Experience & Qualifications

have been using my talents for nearly 30 years on and off the internet. have been told I am specific compared to other readers. I consider helping others to be of highest concern, however I always say what I see and do not try to whitewash things. I do try to do that in manner that is least offensive as possible