About My Services

The Universal Law of Attraction can be positive or negative thoughts or energy which the Universe absorbs and reflects back these thoughts. When we are negative we attract negative situations, negative people which are toxic people, and negative outcomes. We can learn how to attract positive situations, people and outcomes when we change the way we think. We can release negative thoughts to the Universe to rid ourselves of them. We often carry with us negative thoughts which we have heard since a child. Once we do this there is a feeling of relief. Then we can learn how to attract positive outcomes. Many people are there worst enemies. They hold onto these negative thoughts such as, "I'm not good enough." You are deserving of positive people and situations.

Experience & Qualifications

I studied and practiced techniques of the Universal Law of Attraction and taught and provided exercises under Spirituality on Blog Talk Radio and in videos as a Youtube Partner. I have counseled clients on LivePerson as well using the Law of Attraction. As a RN I have conducted progressive relaxation techniques on faculty and staff as well as on individuals and family members. The outcomes were successful and my average 5 star reviews on LivePerson also confirms this. I have created care plans as a RN Charge Nurse which included goals, techniques to achieve them, and a measurable way to conclude if goals were achieved. I worked as a Pharmacy Technician for 4 years and achieved my goals by using the Law of Attraction. I have coached family and friends to achieve positive outcomes in their life.


I am a licensed RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing which I earned in 1995. Specialty nursing in Dialysis and Hospice.