About My Services

HI there~~ LOVE and BLESSINGS to you in abundance. Thankyou for visiting my page. I am a practising Healer,Clairvoyant and Medium Channel based in the UK.

I use a combination of channelling your spirit guides, Clairvoyance, Empathy, Energy Work, Divine Intention, LOVE and LIGHT to assit you on your Journey.

I can assist you in fully understanding the Law of Attraction and work with your energy and Master guides to clear that which is blocking you from manifesting your highest potential

I am able to provide accurate and insightful Spiritual Guidance. Guidance given is as it is seen at that point in time, as all time is fluid and we are able to make choices and change the turn of events of many predictions. This is particulalry helpful when a predicted outcome may not be what we want. The predictions made are based on the HIGHEST POTENTIAL at the time as shown by our guides.

My aim is to empower you to make choices, connect with your own Higher Self, to make changes and to fully utilise the free will given to you by the Higher Source.



Email COURSE in PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT with ongoing one to one support

PAST LIFE READINGS working with the Akashic Records


MEDIUMSHIP READINGS~~Connect with Loved ones who have passed over.


REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS ~~$100 per hour...Within one session I may use several energy Modalities, always with regard to your needs and higher guidance. You may request to work with one particular modality or strand of energy. All healing work includes an initial thorough explanation of methods used, a Free follow up chat session after the energy work, Free Planetary Ray Reading looking at the individual Ray influencing your path at the moment, Free affirmations, invocations and visualisations to clear the blocks surrounding this Ray.

If I am unable to make a connection with you I will be honest and let you know so that you can contact another reader. There is no charge for connection time.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years experience working with clients undertaking Energy- Work, Therapeutic and Spiritual Guidance.

I have for over two decades avidly studied metaphysical works, engaged in meditation, prayer and connecting with the Higher realms. I believe in no one individual religious doctrine, but KNOW that we are ALL ONE with the HIGHER SOURCE OF I AM. And I place this SOURCE and and 'CHRIST' Consciousness at the centre of my readings.

I look forward so much to talking to you...WITH LOVE and STARLIGHT


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* BA (Honours) Degree Art Therapy
* Bsc (Honours) Degree Occupational Therapy
*Post Graduate Specialism: Sensory Integration Therapy

*Usui, Karuna and Kundalini Reiki Master
*Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
*CHIOS Vibrational Energy field practitioner
*Shamballa MultiDimensional Healing practitioner
* Metamorphic technique Practitioner
* Member of the Spiritualists National Union in the UK.

*I also work with Crystal Healing, the Ascended Master and Angelic Realms providing Angel Readings and Healing, Meditation, Remote Viewing. Sacred Geometry. Shamanic techniques,for example Soul retrieval and cord cutting.