Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aquarius! This year you are on an independent path that is leading you to success. Your career, especially, is in store for some majorly positive developments. Read on to find out what all is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
Your planetary ruler Uranus is having you extremely focused on the mental-side of your relationships. You are not being steered by your emotions. Instead, your heart is on the backburner, while your mind and logic is front and center. Your friends may be a little lost trying to keep up with the pace at which your mind runs at. Make sure you remain polite even when you get bored with the lack of intelligent conversations around you. Your relationships will suffer if you let yourself become too aloof. Use your strengths to your advantage. Now is the time to impress others with how your mind operates at social gatherings. Open up a little more and let people see the abstract inner workings of your brain. Don't be afraid to speak up, because your comments are guaranteed to liven up the room!

Single Aquarians are not feeling too down about their solo status this birthday. The timing is great for finding yourself versus finding your soulmate. With luck on your side, you may encounter "The One" along life's journey this year without even trying. Right now though, you are finding yourself paying more attention to work, self-improvement, hobbies, and friends, versus your love life. A serious partner would only make you feel restricted. Freedom is what you are craving right now. If you feel like staying out and talking with your friends until 3a.m., there is no one to hold you back. During July-August of 2017, you may encounter a jealous lover. This relationship is meant to be short-lived as possessiveness clashes with your style. Your relationships with family members and friends are taking priority over relationships with your dates. Friends and family are loving the extra attention that you are spoiling them with this birthday year.

For Aquarians who are in a relationship, you are probably feeling a little suffocated at this time. Whether you have been together for a month or a lifetime, things are a bit stale in the relationship. Your rebellious nature is driving you to pull away from your partner. You may see yourself preferring to spend more time by yourself or out with friends. Overall, partnership and unity are not the theme for you this year. Your phase of independence should be winding down towards the end of 2017. This is not to say that your love life is a complete bust for all of 2017. Focus on breaking the mold, and be inspired to try new things with your partner to liven things up. Travelling with your partner will be sure to add life to the relationship. If romantic getaways are not an option right now, look to doing something unique with your partner that holds your interest. If you have always wanted to learn how to dance, for example, this is your golden opportunity to invite your partner to take lessons with you. It will strengthen the bond between you two AND keep your active mind entertained. A true win-win!
Since love is not your number one priority this year, you will find that there is more time allotted for your work, overtime, and side projects. Your career path will gain from the extra time you are putting into your job. Your head is not in the clouds for the time-being. You are getting extra attention at work from your superiors due to your efforts. Starting in October 2017, Jupiter (Luck) will be in your career sector. Anticipate good fortune at work that benefits you in the months to come. If you have been waiting for a promotion or pay raise, the scales will finally tilt in your direction. When the distractions are out of sight, there is so much that your intelligence can help you to achieve!

Your co-workers are taking notice of the recognition you are getting for your accomplishments. Be wary of a young and hungry Machiavellian employee that is lurking in the background. Typically, you can connect on a surface level with almost everyone. This time, you may be facing an opponent that is too jealous to be charmed by your live and let live attitude. Brace yourself, for this could potentially get under your skin if you allow that to happen. For the most part, everyone loves to be around you.Your colleagues adore you, so don't let one person ruin your entire job.

Money will be coming in this year thanks to your hard work. Unfortunately, the extra money that you have on hand will be burning a hole in your pocket. The forecast shows that you are likely to spend money as quickly as you make it. Do your best to keep yourself in check when it comes to impulsive spending. Take some time to make a budget. This is a tedious task for you, but it could end up saving you a considerable amount of money. Prevent excessive shopping by avoiding temptation in the first place (i.e., don't drive by the mall). Find other outlets besides shopping if you are getting bored. Schedule time for volunteerism to keep yourself busy, and to also please your humanitarian instincts. Planning and organization will be your financial friends, if you want to make the most of your boosted productivity (while it lasts!).
February 2017: Be cautious with love this month, for a confrontation could occur. Someone who cares for you is feeling neglected. If you love him or her back, be considerate and show them how much you care on Valentine's Day. Key Date: February 26th's Solar Eclipse in Pisces may cloud your judgment. Avoid impulsive words and actions around this date.

March 2017: This month you are feeling quite restless, like you want to fly the coop! People are getting on your nerves more than usual. Be proactive and start planning for an excursion now. You may run into some logistic issues with travel plans, so be prepared. Key Date: The week of March 5th is looking great for travel. The further away you are able to get from home, the better.

April 2017: Stress from last month is carrying over into this month. The good news is that your hard work is being noticed in the workplace. Your boss is paying attention, even if you think he is not. Keep this in mind. Key Date: You are feeling especially on edge around April 24th. The feeling will pass quickly. Practice stress relief and get quality sleep to avoid major problems.

May 2017: This is your best month for love this birthday year. Things are going smoothly with your relationships, in general. It is a great month for spending time with that special someone. Enjoy the peace that this month brings to you. Key Date: : The weekend of May 5th should be highlighted on your calendar for planning a special date. Romance and intimacy can be off the charts with the right person.

June 2017: The peace from last month has ended. Even your best friend seems to have a problem with you right now. Family members are unloading their problems onto you. If you allow it, their problems will become yours, too. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. This is a great day to spend the night out on the town. You will have the most fun with friends, not a romantic partner.

July 2017: Your social calendar is full this month. You are hopping from one party to the next. Your stamina is holding up, and you are the life of the party. Take a break from the routine and enjoy the moment. Key Date: The weekend of the 14th is a good time to host a social gathering. Invite your friends and family over for a night of dinner and drinks that is sure to be a major hit.

August 2017: Something big is going on in the background at work. You may be being talked about behind your back, and that is a good thing for once. Decisions are being made about your future career path. You may be mere steps away from a promotion. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse has you seeing the big picture of your life. You may be feeling old beyond your years. Try not to be overwhelmed. Take life a day at a time when it comes to reaching your life's goals.

September 2017: Your energy is at a positive peak this month. You are juggling a lot of tasks, and succeeding at all you put your mind to. Don't run yourself too ragged. Your body will thank you if you make a little extra time for some sleep. Key Date: You will wake up on the right side of the bed September 16th. You may think you can take on a marathon that day, but make sure to not overextend yourself. Your mind may be outpacing your body.

October 2017: Luck and good fortune are on your side thanks to Jupiter. Within reason, play your favorite lottery numbers or make a bet with someone. The stars are on your side. Luck is with you at work, as your instincts may preemptively lead you away from trouble. Key Date: Emotions may be exaggerated at work around the 30th. People with tempers are flaring up worse than usual. Stick to yourself, and give others some extra space on this day.

November 2017: Something feels off this month. You are more drained than normal, and your mood is suffering due to this. Your patience is thin, and you are rebelling more than usual. Just be careful not to burn any bridges, and things will go back to normal in December. Key Date: Take a sick day on the 6th. You will definitely have a case of the Monday blues.

December 2017: You close the year on a positive note. You feel like you are on top of your game at work. Things are going well at home, with no major complaints at this time. Everyone seems to be getting along with you. What a great way to end 2017! Key Date: The holidays may be less stressful than usual this year. New Year's Eve may be especially fun. Get out and party. Happy New Year!

January 2018: Things are a little too quiet for your liking. You may be tempted to stir the pot. A secret side of you that wants more attention could be making a cry for help. Monitor yourself this month, especially your spending. You may want to buy a whole new wardrobe. Try not to buy more than one or two big pieces at a time (so it doesn't just sit in your closest). Key Date: Your mind may be craving intellectual stimulation around the 9th. Visit a bookstore or library to solve this problem quickly.

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