Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! This is going to be a year where your hard efforts of previous years are rewarded. Both love and work will benefit from your direct efforts. Read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
You will be finding that there is relationship growth and peace (overall) this birthday year. A year of stability is music to your ears. Changes that took place over 2017 are now in full effect. You may be finding that your love life is a little too quiet now that the excitement has died down. You are getting used to the next step that took place in the past year, whether it was marriage, divorce, or something in-between. The peaceful aftermath allows you to have more time on your hands to work on relationships outside of love and romance. Other people need you too, such as your parents, children, extended relatives, and even friends. 2018 is about building and maintaining relationships with people outside of your standard network.

Singles can anticipate a year where chasing after love doesn't sound too appealing. You would rather the romance come and find you, versus you seeking it out. It is a busy year for you with matters outside of love, so don't be surprised if things are not that dynamic this birthday year when it comes to love. You may have a crush or two that develops later in the year, but it may not result in anything too emotionally serious. As long as you have some fun once in a while, you will be just fine primarily spending your social time with friends and family.

Attached Capricorns are having a slow and steady year with their partner. Last year, there was work involved to get you to the relationship status that you have today. Right now, you are not too thrilled about being pushed towards "next steps" in a relationship. A partner may be hinting at a move or engagement, but your heart is not there yet. You are wanting a little space, and are fine with how your love life is at the moment. Right now, you are more worried about what your boss thinks than what your partner thinks. This will create some conflict with your love interest from time to time. The later part of 2018 has you feeling more romantic, so save a proposal or wedding for late in the year in order for it to be the most meaningful for you both.

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You are putting your energy into your career this year, and things are really starting to blossom. The dedication that you have towards your work path is admirable. Rewards are following your tremendous efforts of the past year. A promotion and/or raise is likely to come your way early on in 2018. It may be past due, but you definitely have earned this. Your mind is focused on what happens next. You are already excited for your next promotion, so start laying the groundwork down early.

While your superiors adore you, it is likely that you stepped on someone's toes to get to where you are today. Even if it was by accident, you will encounter a workplace enemy around mid-2018. As long as you can charm your way out of trouble, it won't get too serious. You are reminded though that the higher you climb, the more people you will have underneath you that are looking upwards and envious of your position. No matter what field you are in, there is likely some sort of competition that you will be conquering this year. Capricorns who work in entertainment, sales, or business management are most likely to benefit this birthday year.

Your hard work and determination is also reflected in your finances. You are working to add to your savings. No matter your age, you think about how you will afford your retirement. You may be treating yourself to a luxury item or two. With the way your career is headed, it is safe to plan for a major purchase this year. Be cautious not to spread yourself too thin, "just in case." You are likely to be feeling generous to those who are in need. Your friends and family are lucky to have such a charitable, hardworking friend on their side.

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January 2018: You start the year off with your energy at a high point. Work on your New Year's Resolutions from day one, as it is quite likely that the positive changes you make will stay in place this year. Your goals are quite attainable. Key Date: You are very focused on making a career move on January 8th. Put your plan into motion, but watch out for any secret enemies.

February 2018: Stress management will be important for you this month. Your anxiety is a little high, and you are feeling on edge. Be careful not to take out your stress on anyone who doesn't deserve it. Go punch a pillow if you have to let off some steam. Key Date: On February 12th, you may be dealing with some anger issues. Find an acceptable way to vent or you will risk exploding in front of everyone. Don't lose your cool.

March 2018: You are facing a needy person in your love life that wants you to do something "fun" with them. You hate relationship drama, so you maybe forced to suck it up and do something outside of your comfort zone. Your partner will greatly appreciate it, and it won't be as bad as you think. Key Date: March 2nd is a good day to spend with your love interest. You are feeling more passionate than usual, and your partner will pick up on the positive vibes.

April 2018: You are feeling blessed with your family this month. Someone close to you, such as a child, will make you proud. Don't forget to take pictures of the moments that make you happy. You will cherish these memories in the future. Key Date: April 21st is a ideal for a family outing or gathering. There is positive energy around you that will help to avoid any head-butting with family members.

May 2018: Office politics are driving you crazy this month. People are not doing what they say they are going to do. Prepare for some unreliable people around you. In order to avoid failure, you may end up temporarily doing someone else's job for them. Key Date: Chaos at work reaches a peak around May 24th. Someone is going to drop the ball big time. Make sure you’re not the one holding it.

June 2018: A financial situation plagues you this month. You could become the victim of a stolen credit card number or identity theft. Be cautious this month of theft of your belongings. A friend with sticky fingers may surprise you in a bad way. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. You are in an incredibly playful mood today. Take the day off, and go create an adventure for yourself.

July 2018: It is one of the more romantic months of the year for you. Things are going smoothly with your love life. Dates have a positive vibe to them and can lead to relationship progress. You are feeling adored by that special someone. Key Date: July 20th is the best day of the month for a special date. If you can plan for a short getaway for the night, even better.

August 2018: Your personal energy is a little down, and you are feeling more cranky than normal. If you think something is wrong, you may want to speak to a professional about it. Otherwise, you will be back to normal in a month or so. Dodge important people for the time being if you don't want them to pick up on your bad attitude. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse puts you in a confrontational mood. You may give someone a piece of your mind before the day is over with.

September 2018: You are ready for a break from your typical routine. The month is ideal for an extended getaway. The longer you can escape the real world, the better. Plan your vacation early to avoid any scheduling problems. Key Date: The week of September 23rd looks perfect for traveling. The timing works well to help you avoid as much stress from work and home as possible.

October 2018: At work, you are in the limelight for saving the day (or month, even). You may save your boss or company from making a major mistake. Way to be a team player! Your efforts will be rewarded and your raw talent will not go unnoticed. Key Date: Have your eyes peeled on October 10th for something to go wrong at work. By being proactive, you will end up being a hero. Your co-workers may even take notes while they are watching you!

November 2018: Luck is your middle name this month. Within reason, buy a lottery ticket or take a gamble. You are more likely to win by chance. Also, due to your luck, you will avoid some complications. Even something as simple as picking the right lane to avoid a traffic jam will make your day. Key Date: The luckiest day of the month for you is November 22nd. Pick your lucky numbers and hope for the best. There are no guarantees in life, but someone has to win and hopefully it is you.

December 2018: Love life pressures are on the table this month. Your loved one may be wanting more romance than you are ready for. If the idea of engagement or marriage scares you, than do what you can to politely procrastinate so you can still enjoy the holiday season. Key Date: December 15th is a bad day for romance. No matter what you do, a conflict may be brewing. Hide for the day, but if that is not possible than bite your tongue so things do not spiral out of control.

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