Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Your love path has some twists and turns this birthday year. In addition, some career-related stress may pop out of nowhere. What else is in store for you? Read on to find out what is coming your way this exciting birthday year!
You have quite the journey in store for you this year. Your love life looks to be a path of hurdles and distractions that hinder your relationship progress. One of the hurdles that you will encounter is a short-lived relationship with the wrong guy or girl for you. Whether they are married already or you are, it is ill-advised to continue in a relationship where one of you is a third party to the other one's love life. Distractions come your way in the 3rd quarter of 2019, where you will encounter a work situation that will take your full concentration and energy. The year will end on more of a calm note, with positive time spent with family and friends to help lighten your spirits.

Single Capricorns will risk getting their hearts broken this year if they are not careful. A temptation to date someone who is already in a serious relationship will be coming your way early in 2019. Some of you may already be involved in a passionate love affair, as you read this. Remind yourself often that this is unlikely to end well. There are dating options out there for you that are more practical, but you are not using your infamous common sense right now. Your wild phase begins to settle down in the second half of 2019. You will be looking to date someone more attainable after losing your patience with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

Attached Capricorns are taking risks of a different nature this year. Those who are happily married will be surprised at why they are being led astray by an attractive new acquaintance. Sexual energy is very high in the first quarter of 2019, and you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew. It might not be possible to juggle two hearts, when you are used to dealing with one. Starting in the second half of the year, you will be setting love aside. as work becomes your priority. Your partner is likely to butt heads with you, so brace yourself for sob stories about neglect and inconsideration. Friends will be your crutch to lean upon when romance is just too much to handle this year.

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Ideally, you are starting your birthday year off in a good mood with the positive effects from last year's prosperity. The first half of 2019 is smooth sailing at work. It starts to get a little too quiet around mid-2019, which is likely to be the calm before the storm. Something dangerous is looming in the distance. and will be hitting you hard. Whether you lose an important client or lose your job, you will be feeling the impact from this negative shift for a long time to come. The good news is that your instincts will be warning you in advance of this crisis. As soon as your intuition tells you something is up, start preparing for the worst. Your preventive measures can limit the damages. and enable you to salvage what you can from a rough situation.

If you have been thinking about changing companies or careers, this is the perfect time to put your heart and soul into a new path. Even though you fear change, you are ready to embrace it when negativity in the workplace is hanging over your head. People around you will be supportive and encouraging. Anticipate the help of a close friend or mentor in your attempts to improve your career path. If you want to go back to school and start from square one, you can make this happen. There is no one as good as you at starting from the bottom and working your way up the ladder. Those who work in sales, retail, and customer service fields will have the most success this birthday year.

Financially, you are doing fairly well this year. Even though there is career stress going on, you are likely to have emergency savings to fall back on. Even in tough times, your practical abilities will enable you to make the best of the situation. There is still money coming into your life, one way or another. Definitely, it is not a year for splurging. Keep impulse spending to a minimum and stick to your budget. Next year your career path looks to be more settled, and it will be a better time for any big purchases that you have been considering.

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January 2019: A messy love triangle could be on the table this month. There could be a disaster scenario or two that comes up. Save yourself from any embarrassment, and plan ahead for disasters. Key Date: January 4this not a good day for taking relationship risks. It is too easy to get caught in a messy situation, so play it cool today.

February 2019: There is less love-related stress this month, but sexual energy is very high. Singles will find themselves drawn to several attractive strangers. Attached Capricorns face temptation that could lead to some wild adventures. Key Date: February 14th is a date where your sexual chemistry is off the charts. Make the most of it this Valentine's Day, and enjoy all of that passion with your partner.

March 2019: Family relationships are your center focus right now. There could be several people who are wanting your attention. You may feel stuck in the middle. Do your best to be a fair mediator. Your family is going to love you no matter what at the end of the day. Key Date: March 1st is a wonderful day to spend with family. Everyone is likely to get along, for the most part. Children and teens are less likely to squabble and get on your nerves.

April 2019: Work faces some tension this month. There is a big change taking place that may not be to your benefit. A new supervisor or change in your role may lead to some future complications. Start preparing for some work-related stress later this year. Key Date: Pressure at work reaches a peak around April 18th. This is a day where you may feel like banging your head against a wall. Come prepared with plenty of caffeine and sugar to help get you through the day.

May 2019: Things are feeling a little dull in your life and you are looking for an escape. It is time to hit the road and travel! Try to visit a dream vacation location on a more modest budget. You can still see all the sights, and make lifelong memories without having to spend your life savings. Key Date: Travels around May 30th should be a fun time for all. Take as many members of your family that you can bring. You will never stop hearing about it from the one person you do exclude.

June 2019: Something irritating may happen at home this month. Whether you need a new roof or your air conditioner breaks, be prepared to be both annoyed with the repair process and the bill, if you get stuck paying for it. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season, and your energy is especially high. Take a break from the stress of life, and live for the moment. Ask a friend to go on a mini-adventure with you for the day. You won't regret it.

July 2019: Your love life has you feeling a bit down this month. Life doesn't always go according to plan. Matters of the heart are especially complex. You may learn a tough lesson about control and trust in relationships. Key Date: July 31st is when you are feeling the most blue this month. Get a hold of a friend or family member to help cheer you up. You will be back to your old self in no time flat.

August 2019: Work stress starts to accumulate. You may start to feel confused on what step you should take next. The more you hesitate, the longer you are delaying the inevitable. Proactively fight the upcoming battles to limit any career-related damages. Key Date: August 27th is when stress at work hits you the hardest. You may get some bad news around this date that leaves you shocked. Don't get hung up, for you will be able to pick up the pieces and survive this.

September 2019: As stress continues to hit you from all angles, you may feel like a zombie from the lack of quality rest you are getting. It is time to start taking care of yourself and your health needs. Focus on diet, sleep, and exercise modifications to enable you to function at top performance. Key Date: You may be feeling most exhausted on September 20th. Plan ahead now to get extra sleep the night before. You may pass out before your head touches the pillow.

October 2019: You and your love interest are likely to clash this month. Decide if the argument is really worth having. Your relationship can be saved because you are willing to put in the work, but only if your partner is someone worth having in your life for the long-term. Key Date: October 9this a day you and your romantic interest are on two separate pages. It may be a good idea to just do your own thing today. Have a night out with your friends, and take a day off from love.

November 2019: This is a great month for you. The stress you have been dealing with is minimal. Also, more things are going your way than usual with both work and love. With high energy levels, you are likely to accomplish a lot right now. Key Date: November 27th is when you have the most energy this month. You are also in good spirits. Plan a family get together. If you can get your extended family members to come, they will be amazed and sure to enjoy themselves.

December 2019: Even though there were some bumps in the road this year, you are looking forward to the holiday season. You may get a special gift or surprise this year. Your partner may have a good secret to share with you. Key Date: Holiday excitement has you quite cheery around December 15th. You may be decorating or enjoying the fancy decorations of others this time of year. Your holiday spirit is contagious to others.

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