Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Your love life is blossoming with positive opportunities around the corner. There is additional luck to be had with your career path, too. Are you ready for serious life changes? Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Ready or not, there are changing dynamics going on in the relationship center of your life. With Venus in Capricorn at both the start and end of 2021, love life matters deserve to be the center of your attention this year. You will be blessed to have an advantage to make practical, yet emotionally satisfying decisions. A major theme this year will be listening to your heart more often, and allowing your emotions to guide you towards the right direction. With your social life, you may be experiencing some burnout that can impact your friendships. This is a year where you have enough on your plate, so you may be less patient in dealing with drama that some of your friends can cause! While certain friendships may leave you exhausted, there is better luck to be had in having your love needs met in the months to come.

Single Capricorns will start the year off with plenty of options to evaluate. Past connections may be resurfacing in the first quarter of 2021. If you are not liking what an ex-lover is offering, don't be afraid to turn them down. New love interests are centered on you, and you may feel especially magnetic to a new love life option as you get closer to the solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. You may feel like making some big moves yourself, as the second half of the year begins. This is an opportune time to ask out that special someone, or to flirt with the object of your affection. You may be surprised at how fast things flow if you make the first move with the right connection. All-in-all, it is a wonderful year for singles to experience the ups and highs that romance can bring. Some of you will not be single for long!

Attached Capricorns are at a point to want progress versus stagnation when it comes to relationship matters. You may have to be the leader when it comes to allowing room for the partnership to grow. Some may be tested to seek closure if they feel their relationship has crossed a point of no return. Your intuition will be spot-on for any potential deception that can come from your partner. It may be over something minor, but don't be afraid to listen to your inner voice, especially in November 2021. At this time, the lunar eclipse in Taurus is going to give you the edge in staying emotionally calm, while also being able to read between the lines. By the end of 2021, you are likely to be deciding if you are open to next steps with your partner current partner or if it is time to seek alternative routes.

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If love is not enough to keep you busy, your career path looks to be more demanding than usual, too! On the positive side, opportunities for promotion or even with an improved job in general look to be on the table. On the negative side, you are bound to have a short fuse with co-workers, clients, or customers who are not gelling with your personal vibes. Around the mid-year Mercury Retrograde that begins in late-May, expect to feel communication barriers at work that you are not used to dealing with. You may want to start practicing healthy stress management habits now in preparation for any future conflicts. If you can keep your risk of burnout low, there are career-related rewards with your name on them.

Thanks to the opportunities that surround you in 2021, there are less financial worries than average this year. Idealistically, you want to continue to use your outstanding Capricorn common sense when it comes to monetary aspects of life. As you get past the first quarter of 2021, you will enter a time period where you can multiply your financial earnings through a partnership with a like-minded individual. Whether this is a side gig or your main source of income, it may be worth the risk to invest your time in some teamwork. It may be challenging for those who prefer to work independently, but this is a major way to boost your profits. You may need to spend some of your savings on a large scale purchase in 2021. Take some time to do your research before buying a house or car, as impulse buying will lead to buyer's remorse if you are not cautious this year.

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January 2021: The year will start you out with plenty of positive energy to experience! The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn, making this a lucky time for both love and social life matters. You may have some trouble juggling your schedule. Multiple people will be vying for your attention. It is up to you to decide who to prioritize with your valuable time! Key Date: As you get to mid-January, expect January 15th to be an ideal day for social life activities. Mid-January in general is an excellent time to plan for social events that suit your diverse interests.

February 2021: Multitasking both your relationship and financial priorities are on the table this month. You and your partner may not be seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to money matters. Evaluating spending habits, especially if you share a household, may be key to getting along smoothly with your partner this month. Key Date: February 8th is a positive day for communicating with loved ones. If you have to discuss an important topic with your partner, conversations around this time can help things go forward as smoothly as possible.

March 2021: The positioning of the planets, especially Saturn, may cause you some anxiety and worrying complexes this month. There is a good chance that you will be feeling overwhelmed with life more than normal. The temptation to turn to unhealthy coping methods is at an increased risk. Practicing healthy stress management can help to prevent you further stress in the future. Key Date: March 28th is when your inner tension may reach a critical peak. Take time today to practice self-care and healthy life habits (proper sleep, diet, etc.). Your mind and body will thank you later!

April 2021: You may be feeling a little stir-crazy this month. You have extra energy but are lacking the proper methods to channel it all. This is a great month to look into shaking up your typical routines a little. In your spare time, you may want to seek out new friends and hobbies. You are up for a little adventure right now! Key Date: Around April 10th your travel sector has some added luck. This may be a good time to hit the road with a friend or two. If you can get out of town for even a day, you may come back home feeling more grounded and satisfied with life.

May 2021: You may be reminded of the adage "A friend in need is a friend indeed" this month. Your patience may be tested as acquaintances or even family members test the limits of your generosity. You are known to be a reliable person, but you may find yourself being taken advantage of if you are not cautious. Key Date: You may find yourself impatient with others around May 5th, as several individuals lack shame in asking for assistance that seemingly only you can give to them. If you feel that the help would not be reciprocated, then do not be afraid to firmly decline. There IS such a thing as being "too nice".

June 2021: Your career path is entering a strong period for the year. Your motivation and work-related energy are at a high point right now. Important figures, like supervisors, are paying attention more than you may think. If you are aiming for a promotion or another work-related reward, this is a good time to reach for the stars. Communicating your goals will benefit you versus keeping them to yourself. Key Date: Plan for days around June 18th for any key conversations about your future with your current employer. Not only are you especially being noticed right now, but your communication skills are flowing in a way that benefits both oral speech and written words.

July 2021: The romantic sector of life is feeling a little more chaotic than normal this month. Those in relationships may be bumping heads more frequently, while singles are feeling the drawbacks of singledom more heavily. The good news is that you have the ability to turn things around for the best. In either circumstance, being assertive and unafraid to make a move that benefits yourself is in your key interest. Speak up and don't suffer in silence! Key Date: Around July 2nd you are in the best spirits to deal with any serious love-related topics. If you have to have a major conversation with a love interest, save it for around this time. Luck with love-related communication is more on your side to help sway things your direction.

August 2021: Fortunately for you, you have more time and space to better focus on your own goals this month. With less outside interference, it is a great time to consider projects that have been past due on your plate for some time. Have you been wanting to move or get a new car? This is a great month for research and planning phases. Key Date: Your personal energy is highest around August 29th, making it an opportune time for planning out a big project or purchase. You have plenty of time to think before you act, so do not let yourself get pressured to make an impulsive move!

September 2021: Excitement is picking back up in the romance department! You may experience some love life drama as several love interests may be crossing your path at the same time. You may have a dilemma on your hands, as your heart can get pulled on two directions at once. This is a good time to follow your heart versus remaining too logical! Key Date: Intimacy needs are peaking for you around September 20th. If you are in a serious relationship, you may be tempted by an alternative option around this time. If you are loyal to your partner, at the very least your eyes may still be checking out his or her competition!

October 2021: Are you hitting an energy slump as the year starts to wind down? If you are feeling burnout, you may want to plan a vacation this month. Planning it out can be part of the fun, so go ahead and start seeking out travel options and activities as soon as you are able. It will not only pick up your spirits, but it will help you to have as smooth of travel plans as possible! Key Date: Plan for travels after the Mercury Retrograde comes to a close on October 18th. Late-October travels are more likely to have less stress and more entertainment! Have as much fun as possible because you know work is waiting for you when you get back home.

November 2021: Whether or not you were able to travel last month, you should be feeling pretty empowered this month at both work and home. Your to-do list will have checked boxes like there is no tomorrow. If you have been procrastinating on completing any yearly duties, it is a good time to get them over with because December will be keeping you busy next month. Key Date: Your mood is most positive around November 7th. This will give you an edge in dealing with any difficult people in your life. You are navigating drama-filled waters successfully on this day. If only it were always this easy!

December 2021: As the year comes to a close, you are finding yourself caught up in end of the year festivities and distractions. Someone difficult from your past may be making a comeback this month, too. You may be feeling nostalgic and willing to let bygones be bygones. Trust your inner voice, and keep in mind that people can always change for the best. Key Date: The days around December 21st are quite exciting as you notice more attention than normal from love interests. Plan for an intimate date night in order to take full advantage of the amorous vibes you are feeling right now.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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