Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Those in relationships have a wonderful year ahead, and singles may have some surprises in store, too. In addition, your career path looks to be entering a time of success! Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
This birthday year may be a relatively calm one, with some sprinkles of excitement scattered throughout the coming months. When you enter a slow phase for love and romance, you do have the opportunity to nurture areas of your life that may have been neglected for some time. You have plenty of time this year to focus on quality over quantity in terms of the relationships and bonds that you have with the people in your social circle, too. Expect for some distant friends to make a comeback to your life, as well. No matter the reason you may have lost touch, there will be good reasons to come back together. Expect to have causes for celebrations and socialization, particularly around mid-2022.

Single Capricorns may be struggling with feelings of loneliness this year, which can steer them to look for love in the wrong places. The first quarter of 2022 could be especially hard, particularly during February, the month of romance. While deeper connections are harder to find at the start of 2022, the year should be wrapping up with more love life opportunities for you. Watch for fellow Earth Signs (Taurus and Virgo) to pop up unexpectedly that could bring some romantic relief in the second half of the year. There is a very good chance that you start a serious relationship later on this year that carries over to next year.

Attached Capricorns may not have a lot of big developments to look forward to, but sometimes no news is good news. This is a year to build on your relationship from the bottom-up. Working on developing a secure foundation with your partner, for communication especially, can pay off for years to come. After April's Solar Eclipse in Taurus, you have an opportune time to bond with your partner further by sharing in business, finances, or a home together. If you feel you can trust in your partner 100%, it is not a bad idea to work towards further sharing a life together. While 2022, may not be the most dramatic year of your love life, it is a great year to evaluate if your partner is or isn't the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Your career path looks to be more dramatic than your love path this year. If there is discord in your work environment, make sure you are picking to be on the right side of the battle. It is wise to not get involved with anything unethical to avoid getting burned by temptations that may arise at work this year. There may be big changes taking place in personnel and staff around you, too. While you may be anxious to avoid change, some of the changes may be to your benefit. This can include networking opportunities, better colleagues, promotions, and a higher income. This is a year where the harder you work, the greater the reward!

Financially, you want to keep up the wise spending habits that you are known for. There is a lot to gain by investing properly, especially for you this coming year. You have a gift for multiplying the money you earn. The more you save now, the more there is to spend later on. If you are going to invest in anything this birthday year, you may want to consider practical purchases. For example, energy efficient appliances that can save you money over time. The best time for spending is around the end of year holiday season for 2022. Just be sure to avoid online shopping sprees, and you will be doing quite well to stick to your budget!

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January 2022: You start the year off in good spirits. It is a wonderful month to celebrate and enjoy life. A new year has begun, so why don't you plan to treat yourself to a day off from all of the work that you usually do for yourself and others. You are a hard worker, and it is important to keep up your morale! Key Day: Around January 22nd is the most ideal time of the month for some "me time". This is a day to treat yourself like the king or queen. Even though you can't always do this, it is the fun days that make life worth working hard as you do!

February 2022: This is not the best time for your social circle, with friction more apparent between friends. Some friends of yours may even become enemies if you are not careful. This is a time to ask yourself who your true friends really are. You do not deserve to be a doormat for anyone! Key Day: February 12th is a day to avoid any big outings with friends. Drama is in the air, and you certainly want to avoid this! Be sure to have clear texts and emails today to avoid misunderstandings that could escalate.

March 2022: Stress is on the rise while you are working hard at home and your job this month. You may have to get your priorities lined up to figure out what needs your attention the most. With your priorities in place, you can have a schedule that can make the best use of your energy reserves (which may be spread thin this month). Key Date: On March 6th, you are at your most stressed out. This is not a good day to plan appointments, meetings, or any extra work for yourself. If you can, take the day off!

April 2022: This is an opportune month for making some money! You have luck with finances more than usual right now. It is an excellent time to invest and to consider how to multiple your savings. You may want to talk to a mentor or financial advisor to assist with this, if you are just starting out. Key Date: Luck with money matters is highest around April 29th. This is when extra money making chances may come out of nowhere, so keep your eyes peeled for ways to make some extra cash.

May 2022: The travel bug is biting big right now. If you can, try to plan to go on a vacation to a faraway land this month. The longer you can go away for, the better. Be sure to be prepared for anything, as you are up for some adventures this month. Key Date: The best timing for travel this month will be in the second half of the month, especially around May 21st. The traveling you do around now is sure to be rewarding!

June 2022: You may be feeling a little bored this month after a more exciting month of May. If love life needs are not being met, you are more driven to seek them out than ever before. Be careful of looking for love in the wrong places, as certain romantic interests could haunt you the rest of the year if you are not careful. Key Date: Around June 11th, you may be feeling most lonely. Try to plan a day with friends or family members, so that you can at least be socializing and having some fun at this time.

July 2022: Careful for tension at the workplace tonight. It is a good time to be neutral and to be careful of the opinions that you express. You may be being monitored even, so it is a good time to feel "paranoid" about who is watching you at work. If your instincts tell you someone is spying on you, there is a good chance you may be right. Key Date: Tension at work is highest around July 30th. If you can skip a day, this is a good day to plan for a day off!

August 2022: Love is all around you this month, especially for those who are in committed relationships. Watch for extra love in the love department. Intimacy and passion surrounds you throughout the month. Even for singles, there are plenty of romantic opportunities to be had throughout the month. Key Date: Love luck is highest around August 18th. Plans for dating and romance are most captivating right now. Be sure to enjoy yourself while you can.

September 2022: Miscommunication matters can cause you some friction with friends or family members. Something small could certainly escalate if you are not cautious. Even if you are careful, there could be problems that are out of your control. Protect your own interests this month, as you may end up having to look out for number one. Key Date: Around September 20th, is the best time to be careful with your words and actions. There could be misunderstandings that cause gossip within your social circle, and you definitely do not want to be the topic for the discussion!

October 2022: The fourth quarter of the year is filled with career growth opportunities, and October is especially ideal for luck with new or side business ventures. You may want to talk with a boss or supervisor about your future career plans, too. You may be encouraged to hear good feedback from those who you share your plans with. Key Date: Around October 15th is the most ideal time for career-related luck. Expect for luck with meetings and for projects to go more smoothly than usual.

November 2022: Love opportunities may enter your life when you least expect it. This time singles will have the most to gain. Those who are in a relationship may find improved communications with their partner. It seems that this month when you are least trying is when love pops out of nowhere! Key Date: Romance is at its peak around November 25th for Capricorns. You may have a new love interest catch your attention before the day is over!

December 2022: This holiday season you are tempted to spend lavishly on loved ones. You may have to find alternative (read: less expensive) ways to show your love and affection. It does not always have to cost a lot of money in order to give someone an incredible gift that they will appreciate. Your creativity is higher this month, allowing for you to better plan out gifts and holiday spending. Key Date: On December 31st you are in an excellent mood for celebrating the end of 2022. You have a lot to look forward to next year, so please enjoy yourself as this year comes to a close!

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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