Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Gemini! This is one spectacular year for your love life, but how will your career path fare this year? Read on to find out what is coming your way this romance-focused birthday year!
Your birthday starts off with a bang in the love department! New suitors are coming your way from every direction. There is something special about your charisma and charm right now. Whether it is a boss that crosses the professional line, a neighbor who is especially flirty, or your usual barista who keeps giving you a free upgrade - you are being overwhelmed with attention from unexpected places. Don't be afraid to turn down the first person that shows you special interest because there is another person in line waiting right around the corner. Expect this crazy phase to last through December. In 2018, your love life will start out at a slower pace. Most likely you are taking a breath from the excitement from the previous year. If you are feeling a little depressed in March 2018, this will be fleeting as your love life is blossoming with yet another suitor just in time for your next birthday.

For singles, the rest of 2017 is full of love and romance action. It may reach a peak in August when your social calendar is fully booked. Singles will most likely be in a committed relationship by the time their next birthday comes around. There are a lot of options that you will have to weed through. Take your time to enjoy this phase and the love that you are receiving from everyone. Even your family members are treating you with more kindness than you are used to. Try to pick your favorite suitor by the end of 2017, for the pace slows down in 2018. It is good to have standards, but if you are too picky you might just be saying no to the potential love of your life.

For couples, you find you are facing temptation when all of the attention starts to come from nowhere. Your partner will really have to step it up if they want to keep the key to your heart. You are being pulled to not only have a sexual affair, but an emotional affair as well. Both are dangerous in their own ways. If you are not careful with the fire you are playing with, you could get burned badly. Those who remain loyal to their partners will find that 2018 is much easier on their relationship than 2017. Those who say no to temptation will end up with a stronger bond to their partner. A playful phase rewards these couples early in 2018, where the relationship feels renewed. Geminis who succumbed to temptation may end up being single in the months to come.

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With all the fun and games going on in your love life, your career is being a little neglected this birthday year. If you are proactive, you can avoid problems before they spiral out of control. However, if you throw caution to the wind, you could be putting your job on the line. Pay attention to the small details at work, because a minor numerical error could end up costing you on a larger scale. Your quick-thinking usually is your virtue, but hasty action will be your downfall. Double-check and proofread your work to play it safe.

Finances are not taking any big hits this year as long as you monitor your spending. You will have your normal shopping impulses, but as long as you keep your job a priority, you should be able to keep a handle on things. You are a little more scatter-brained in 2017, but much more focused and level-headed starting in 2018. December 2017 is a tricky month as you face a major Mercury Retrograde period. While these phases are never good, you may feel like you are losing your mind this time around. You may keep misplacing your wallet or purse, so plan to always keep it in a safe place to avoid potential theft or loss.

The bottom-line is that you are finding work to not hold your interest for a majority of this birthday year. Your playful side is more dominant, as you procrastinate and push deadlines off as far as possible. Spread your vacation time throughout the year so you can look forward to short breaks here and there, versus one long break (and that's it). If you really have to, sparingly call in "sick" when you are lacking the motivation to get out of bed. Use your day off wisely so you can come back refreshed with a burst of energy to get the job done. Your intellectual gifts will help you to look busy in front of the boss. It's probably not the year to anticipate a big raise, promotion, or bonus. You are surviving though, and sometimes you just have to put your nose to the grindstone to make it through to a better career-oriented year.

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June 2017: You start out the year getting almost too much attention from secret admirers. Be cautious with unexpected pregnancies this month if you are not ready for one right now. If you are looking to add another member to the family, this is a good time to adopt a pet. Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. You feel a surge of energy and are feeling radiant. Life is good today.

July 2017: You are feeling unbalanced trying to juggle your personal relationships and your career life. Aim for moderation in both areas in order to not mess up either realm of your life. Too much of either side is going to cause you unbearable stress, so be careful. Key Date: The weekend of July 14th is a good time to stay at home. Perhaps invite someone over for a special date night IN. It could end up being more romantic than a date night OUT.

August 2017: The Mercury Retrograde in Virgo could hit you hard this month in the relationship sector of life. Think carefully before you speak. You may end up crossing the line and saying words that could never be taken back. Double-check your emails before submission. Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse puts you in an especially chatty mood. It is a good day to go out and strike up conversations with interesting strangers. You may make a new friend.

September 2017: This is a month where you want to catch up on your beauty sleep after all of the excitement that went on in the past few months. You may be growing tired of the attention that was exciting to you not that long ago. Self-improvement is a great focus this month if you want to focus on breaking any bad habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Key Date: September 15th is a good day to use your energy to get some work done ahead of schedule instead of procrastinating until the last minute. You can then start your weekend off on a high note without work-related worries.

October 2017: Misunderstandings at work are happening and you may be an unsuspecting target. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer when it comes to the workplace this month. Someone is going to take the heat for a major screw-up and you don't want it to be you! Key Date: October 1st has you focused on wanting to take next steps with a lover. You may be changing your mind tomorrow, so go slow to avoid letting the relationship fizzle prematurely.

November 2017: This will not be your most favorite month of the year. There are life lessons to be learned. We all have to face the music at some point. Do your best to learn the lessons the first time around, so you don't fall into a pattern of repeating mistakes. Key Date: The weekend of November 10th is ideal for getting out of town. You need to escape the monotony for a while. Go someplace new. Novel discoveries and adventures will lift your spirits.

December 2017: The holiday season approaches quickly and you are feeling a little overwhelmed. One side of you is enthusiastic and filled with holiday spirit, but your other side is not prepared when it comes to plans and gift-buying. Key Date: December 1st go on a shopping spree. Be wise and do your shopping and holiday planning early this month. You may feel like a kid at heart, but don't neglect your adult responsibilities.

January 2018: You start the year off with a clean slate. You have a list of goals for the year that you are working on. Love interests are set aside for more practical purposes. It is a busy month at work, but you are making time to get the job done. Key Date: Even though work is front and center this month, don't let your family feel forgotten. The weekend of January 5th is best spent with loved ones. Plan a special family outing, outdoors if possible, to make some happy memories for all.

February 2018: This is a good month to use up some vacation days. Tension is building in the workplace. If you are not there, then you can't get blamed for the mistakes of others. While you are on the beach, you will be having your phone on silent and smiling at your wise decision to leave the drama behind temporarily. Don't worry, because your co-workers will be waiting for you when you get back. Key Date: February 27th has you feeling a little blue. Turn to your best friends for some emotional support. Talking it out and venting will help you come to a solution.

March 2018: : You are bored and wanting change this month. Impulsive spending could be at its peak if you don't give yourself limits. Let someone hold onto your credit card if you don't trust yourself. Otherwise, you may end up with a brand new wardrobe with the tags still on them six months from now. Key Date: The weekend of March 16th is a great time for passion and romance. Focus on one partner and give them all of your attention. You have the power to make someone very happy right now.

April 2018: Someone is trying to keep you on a short leash, but no one can pin down your wild side. A lover's plans will backfire if they think they can keep you confined. Go easy on them. Laugh it off, and do your own thing this month. Singles will have an easier month than attached Geminis. Key Date: April 1st your naive side is surprisingly on display. Normally you are the clever one. When the tables turn and you are the butt of the joke for a change, try not to take it too personally.

May 2018: Business is booming this month. It is a great time to expand your investments. Talk to an accountant or investor you can trust. Otherwise, it is an ideal time to consider making a major purchase, such as a new home. You will have to watch your impulsive spending, but it will be worth it in the end. Key Date: May 29th should be saved for any special meetings at work. If you happen to be giving a presentation or hosting a party, you will have good luck on your side.

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