Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Gemini! It seems like you are in store for some life lessons in both love and work. Are you up for the challenges that await you? Read on to find out what awaits you this thrilling birthday year!
Relationship challenges are on the the table for you this birthday year. You may feel like you are being tested, whether you are single or in a relationship. For many of you, it may seem like people are being too hard on you. Even those who unconditionally love you are giving you more grief than normal. The good news is that when problems do happen to be your fault, you will be able to talk your way out of trouble. Your gift at being an exceptional conversationalist will come in handy and is bound to keep things interesting. In Late 2017, you will be carrying a big secret that belongs to a close family member or friend. You will be tempted and enticed to spill the beans. Survive this challenge and you will gain the respect of those who entrusted you in the first place. Their undying loyalty is worth the frustration.

Singles will be bumping heads with some of their crushes and suitors this year. Don't be surprised if the one you are in love with is not returning the same affection in your direction. Shockingly, you may be going after someone who is a little out of your league (or unavailable) for a change. Even with all of your wit and charm, you can't turn everyone in the world's head your way. You may learn a valuable lesson in modesty this birthday year. As you get closer to the 2nd quarter of 2019, you will be feeling your confident self again. As always, you are a star to at least one special person in the world.

Attached Geminis face their own set of challenges. Your beloved prince or princess is turning into a bit of a tyrant in your relationship. You may find yourself bickering and squabbling over meaningless problems. Does it really matter who forgot to start the dishwasher in the long-run? Pick and choose your battles carefully. Power struggles are a central theme for you this year. The dominant (and sometime's naughty) twin in you is going to be pushing you to stand up for yourself. If the relationship cannot strive the stress, you may be starting out 2019 on your own. If you can't take your partner's heat, don't be afraid to step out of the proverbial kitchen and move on. You will not last long being the submissive partner to someone who is too abrasive and fiery.

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The ongoing conflicts with others may carry over into the workplace, as well. Everyone faces a day where it seems like the world hates them. If your boss is being hypercritical about minute details, it may be for a greater purpose than you can see from your own point of view right now. Bite that tongue of yours to see how the 3rd quarter of 2018 plays out. Your co-workers are behaving like children, but that can be the nature of office politics. Rise above the crowd and aim to take the higher path. 2018 should end on a more positive note, with at least the scent of a promotion or raise placating your motivation for the time-being. Overall, 2019 is a year of reaping rewards for all of your hard work. You may have something to celebrate in time for your next birthday. 

Your active mind may be bored and dreaming of greener pastures as you approach 2019. Remember that every work environment has its own set of problems and bad apples. Before you make any big decisions this birthday year, do your homework and really research other options that are available to you. You might find your current employer is not as bad as you think. It may be a year to put a card in the office suggestion box versus finding a whole new office altogether.  Individuals who work outdoors, independently, or who are in management positions will benefit the most this coming year.

You may be feeling a bit impulsive, which will financially affect your nest egg. It's not a bad idea to leave your credit card at home when you go to the mall. That way you have to drive home and get it and decide along the way if you REALLY need that expensive designer purse or jacket. Frivolous spending is discouraged this birthday year. If you must spend, treat yourself to one luxury item and try to coast for awhile. Find non-monetary ways to reward yourself or to cheer yourself up. It doesn't have to be expensive to spend quality time with your family, play a game, or exercise. Saving and investing is highly encouraged this birthday year.

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June 2018:  It may be a bit of a stressful start to your birthday year. Keep an eye on your valuables so you don't lose anything precious. Your head may be in the clouds when you should be more focused. As long as you pay attention you will avoid any major mishaps. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. This is easily the best day of the month for you. Plan for a mini-adventure with a best friend or loved one.

July 2018:  Love life excitement is sky high this month. You may be getting a phone call or text that gives you butterflies. Communication is important to keep the ball going. Don't play too hard to get.  Key Date: July 7th is looking good for a date or evening with your partner. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy because you are sure to have loads of fun no matter what you end up doing.

August 2018:  Complications with relationships hit you hard this month! Prepare for some misunderstandings as people take you the wrong way. If people seem to be turned off by you, reflect on your last conversation to see if miscommunication is an issue. Perhaps you accidentally ignored an important call or text? Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse adds a dash of negativity to your life. Relationships are more strained around this date. Proceed with caution.

September 2018: Boredom, restlessness, and impatience rear their ugly heads at work. You are tempted to do something Machiavellian. You know by now how karma works, so think twice before you do something you regret later. Key Date: September 28th is ideal for skipping work. Take a long weekend to help shake off the workplace blues that have been haunting you this month.

October 2018:  Everything is going smoothly in your social circle compared to the complications you were facing earlier in the year. You have the opportunity to make up with a friend. Let bygones be bygones. Life is too short!  Key Date: October 12th is a great day to spend with an old friend. Talk about memories and good times. Some laughter will erase the stress that is in your life!

November 2018: Sleep is not your friend right now. Between work and home duties, there is little free time for the luxury of time in bed. This month is busier than normal, so you should be catching up on your rest in the near future. Just be careful not to burn yourself out. Key Date: November 10th is a day and/or night you should use to reward yourself. Take a timeout to treat yourself to a reward. Maybe there is a beauty treatment or new restaurant you have been wanting to try for awhile.

December 2018:  You are in good spirits for a month of holidays. Your energy is infectious. You are turning the grumps into jolly individuals. Spread your holiday joy to help make the world a better place.  Key Date: December 1st is a day of excitement as you are counting down the holiday season. No matter what holidays you celebrate (even if it is just New Year's Eve) you are bound to have a great month.

January 2019:  The year starts off with some challenges at work. You may be accused of forgetting to do something critical. If you are innocent, stand your ground. The proof will reveal the true culprit. Key Date: Stay on the ball around January 24th. Negativity is creeping into the workplace. You don't want to be a needless victim to more office stress.

February 2019:   You may be a little lonely this month. There are others out there who are lonely, too. Be an extrovert and plan a get together this month with friends. Or be brave and ask an interesting acquaintance to get coffee or lunch. You may be in for some pleasant surprises.  Key Date: February 1st is a day that you should use to plan an outing with friends. Someone misses you more than they are willing to admit. You will leave the building with your friends wanting more of you.

March 2019:  It is time to get out of dodge! The travel bug will be biting you hard this month. Plan in advance for a long getaway in March. You will come back feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!  Key Date: The week of March 17th is ideal for travel. Avoid the tourist traps, and get off the beaten path. Pack light, and take plenty of pictures! 

April 2019:  There could be chaos brewing at home. Someone will want you to take their side, but you are unsure of what is right. Do not commit yourself to anything prematurely. Get all of the facts before making up your mind. Key Date: April 8th is when the tension at home is most dangerous. Hide in your room,or perhaps make plans so you don't have to be home at all this day.

May 2019:  You approach your next birthday with a new admirer invading your space. This person may have some intense energy. It may not be a perfect match, but you will be enjoying the attention more then you care to admit to your friends. Key Date: May 30th is a day of carefree fun and pleasure. You may be feeling younger than your actual age. Enjoy life and live in the moment for a change. Being stress-free feels amazing!

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