Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Gemini! You are instore for some highs and lows this year for love and romance. Your career and finances may have more to gain this year, too! Read on to find out what awaits you this very exciting birthday year!
Fortunately, your love life is enter a smoother period as your birthday year gets rolling. Other areas of life may be taking up more of your day-to-day energy and time (i.e., family, friends, etc.). Those in new relationships, may be particularly enjoying the honeymoon period and feel their heart's rejuvenation from any past wounds. Luck with areas of romance may be boosted through at least August. As Mercury (your planetary ruler) goes retrograde starting in late-September 2021, you may notice that you are sweating the small stuff in your relationships more and more. This can affect not only romantic partnerships, but your friend and family relationships, too. October 2021 may be a more difficult month, as the retrograde is in Libra (a fellow air sign) making it a tougher than normal Mercury Retrograde for you. Your normally strong communication skills may not be feeling as quick during this period, so think twice before you commit to words spoken or written.

Singles have it best during the first few months of the birthday year, for luck with love matters. You have positive connections and new people that you are attracting, and more luck to start something serious. So, some of you single Geminis may not be single for that much longer. If you want the relationship to stick past 2021, you may need to work especially hard next year on maintaining a balanced relationship. Four mercury retrogrades await you in 2022, with the first three in air signs! A doozy of a mercury retrograde in Gemini starts in May 2022, that may be making you feel like your love life has gone full circle. You are at risk of being your own worst enemy with love matters around this time. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of self-destruction, you may have to do the hard thing and ask for advice from a trusted family member or friend. It is never all bad news, so look forward to February 2022 which whether you are single or not at that time is sure to be a romantic time for you with plenty of attention and love headed your direction.

Geminis who are in committed relationships should also be aware of the mercury retrograde periods ahead (starting in September 2021 and January, May, September, and December 2022). These are high risk difficult communication periods for you and your partner. On top of that, you may be feeling more internally conflicted on what exactly you are wanting for your long-term love life. You may feel like your heart is flipping back and forth on how you feel about your love interest. The good news is that this draining period of love life reflection may not begin until almost the 4th quarter of 2021. There is some wonderful love life days ahead for you, too. Keep in mind all clouds have their silver lining. The luckiest love periods for you start not long after your birthday in 2021, with another period of growth for you and your partner in February 2022. Next year's lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 22, 2022, can also bring some excitement as well. Around this eclipse, your love life may start to heat with intimacy boosted to greater heights. With patience and effort, many of you will be able to incredibly enjoy this dynamic period with your partner!

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With the highs and lows of your love life to worry about, there is good news to share for your career and financial sectors of life. Overall, it is a fantastic time to devote energy to your career path this birthday year. Whatever you put into projects, current position, or even a new path (if you choose to change careers), you should be having your hard work rewarded in time! Expect for late-2021 to bring to you even more opportunities to consider, as you have multiple paths before you to consider in picking a direction to walk next year. You may be suffering from "too many choices" versus no options at all. It is not a bad thing, but it is a lot to think about, especially if you have been in a career rut. While the path to the top is a long climb, you can definitely gain momentum this birthday year! It is a luckier career period, especially after the Sagittarius solar eclipse in December 2021. More people are noticing the gifts and talents that you can bring to the table, too. Expect some jealous co-workers or competitors come January thru March 2022. It is nothing you can't handle with your quick wit. Career relationships should be more calm, as you get closer to mid-2022.

Financially, you are on an upward climb, with less challenging periods and stressors to deal with than last year. While you may be feeling stronger with money and luck with business affairs, it doesn't mean you should take any unnecessary risks. Watch out for bad advise from people who may not have your best interests at heart. There is an increase of people who want to make an unethical quick buck in 2021. You are typically too smart to fall for any "get rich quick schemes", but even you can end up getting caught off guard. The second quarter of 2022 may have you wanting to make a big purchase. If you avoid any poorly judged impulse buys, you should be in a good place to go forward with a new car, home, or other big purchase next year! Your hard work is really able to pay off in positive ways.

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June 2021: Your birthday year should be starting off on a good note for many of you. Your confidence and ability to attract positive experiences is on the rise. This positive energy can bring growth to your personal relationships that are most valuable to you. Do not be afraid to block out people who only drag you down, as your energy is too precious to waste on those who do not matter. Key Date: The start of the new season around June 20th, is the day that your personal magnetism and charisma is highest. It is an extraordinary day for meeting new people and going new places. If you can, do not waste this day sitting at home. If you are feeling up for it, even going outside in your backyard can raise your energy versus staying cooped up indoors today.

July 2021: Your love life is boosted this month, so be sure not to neglect your romantic partner too much. In other areas of life, you may be experiencing some clashes with family or friends. This stress should subside, but do not be afraid to prioritize your own needs over those who may be taking advantage of you in some capacity. It is a great month to figure out a healthy balance and boundaries for yourself and those in your social circle. Key Date: Around July 20th, it may be a harder than normal time for your social life. You may be about to lose your patience with someone who keeps pressing your buttons, so be prepared!

August 2021: You may be feeling more emotionally impulsive this month. It can impact multiple areas of life, including whatever is going on for you and your biggest romantic interest. There are multiple people this year who may be vying for your attention, so if someone gets on your nerves, do not be afraid of having to make difficult choices. It is unlikely that you would be truly alone for long, especially this month! Key Date: Around August 17th, you may have to make a tough choice regarding your love life. Singles are at risk of having to block out someone who could become a pest at some point (if they are not already). Do not feel bad about prioritizing your own needs, as you never should settle for less than you deserve, dear Gemini!

September 2021: Financially, you have some tricky decisions to make that can affect your long-term future with regards to business and money matters. If you are feeling impulsive to buy a big purchase, try to delay past this month, at least. You may be able to get a better deal or product in the 4th quarter, versus what you can get for your money right now. Overspending now can lead to regrets later. Key Date: You are at highest risk of a financial loss or poor decision around September 29th. Keep yourself in check this day so you do not fall victim to shopping temptations that you regret in the long-term! Also, be sure to save your receipts in a safe place if you DO make any big purchase around now.

October 2021: Romantic stress starts to pick up this month, especially in the area of communication. You may feel like you and your love interest are not even speaking the same language on some days! In fact, it may feel like people in general do not understand you anymore. The Mercury Retrograde in Libra reaches its peak this month, much to your dismay. Small things can turn into big arguments, as you can find out the hard way. If you can, try to tell yourself to let the tiny things go. Key Date: Communication is most at risk for problems around October 15th. There can be better days to have an important conversation than right now. Try to wait until the retrograde is over and the dust settled before having a big "talk" with your partner.

November 2021: With life and your career, end of the year stress starts to pick up. The lunar eclipse in Taurus this month, can leave you wanting to travel far, far away from the workplace. You do deserve a vacation, so it is not a bad idea to plan for one this month. Get your work affairs in order before your travels, that way you do not have to return to work with more stress to deal with than what you left behind. Key Date: Travels around November 17th can benefit you the most. Try to plan ahead of time for your basic arrangements, but no need to plan out every detail. Planning to go with the flow, especially if you are traveling far away, can help you avoid pulling out your hair in aggravation!

December 2021: The year ends with an uplifting time for your love life. You are very focused on you and your partner's intimacy needs, and having a little fun right now. Your desires can help you to have more romantic nights with your special someone right now. For those in committed relationships, expect for some long talks that involve your favorite memories from the past. You may be feeling passionately nostalgic, which can help improve your partner's mood, too! Key Date: December 31st is an opportune day to plan for a wonderful date night with your love interest. Look forward to what 2022 can bring, as 2021 comes to a close!

January 2022: You may be getting annoyed by some of your catty co-workers. While you can gossip with the best of them, you are just not feeling it this month. If you find yourself being the one targeted unfairly, know that this difficult period will pass. You do not have to go out of your way to make waves, as tension should resolve and be restored soon. Just watch your back with any one who is jealous of your success or talent! Key Date: Communication conflicts pick up around January 14th. The mercury retrograde may be having you feel mentally scattered compared to normal. Be sure to check your agenda and schedule to make sure you are not missing any important meeting or appointment.

February 2022: Wow, your social calendar is quite full this month! You are likely to have multiple people wanting to spend more time with you. Whether it is romantic or platonic, your personal magnetism is quite high right now in attracting people to your life. New people may be coming into your life, and that includes the potential for love interests where you least expected it! Key Date: Your love life peaks early this month, around February 8th. It is a good day to dress up and feel your best, because sometimes love can surprise us all! No matter what age you are, you can still feel butterflies in the company of the right person.

March 2022: It is a great month to assess your financial situation and plan for some big purchases that you may need to make later this year. Whether you are looking for a new home or car, 2022 is a great year for you to make a large scale purchase. Any investments and saving plans you initiated last year should be paying off well. There are further improvements and tweaks you can probably make to your spending for the greater good of your future. Key Date: You are most mentally focused around March 1st. Put this energy to good use, whether it is meant to improve your career path or financial planning. Ideally, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time today. Also, your ability to multitask is stronger than normal right now, too!

April 2022: You may be having some doubts about your partner (for those in an established relationship). There have been some emotional highs and lows for you already this year, and it may be causing you to want to withdraw a bit. Your sense of self-preservation is in high gear. If you are feeling too confused, you do have a good friend that you can turn to and open up a little. Venting to someone may help you be able to figure out what path is the best for you to take. Key date: Around April 12th, is an opportune time to focus on your social and personal needs. Your friends may be able to help you if you are feeling depressed about something, such as your love life. Do not try to carry all your burdens internally by yourself for too long!

May 2022: Bad luck with communication and technology may be haunting you this month, as you face the crisis of mercury retrograde being in YOUR sign, Gemini! Stay calm, because by thinking before you act or speak, you can save yourself some trouble down the road. You are also at risk of losing things, like a purse/wallet, phone, or other precious object right now. Keep a good eye on your personal belongings whether you are at home or not, for you may end up flipping the house upside down if you misplace a valuable! Key Date: May 22nd is when life me be feeling most unlucky for you. It is a great day to lay low, relax at home, and just take it easy. Life will pick back up for you soon!

Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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