Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Leo! Excitement awaits you this birthday year when it comes to love, work, and money. How will being single or in a relationship affect you? Read on to find out what awaits you this wonderful birthday year!
Your birthday year starts out with a sense of feeling exhausted and drained in the love department. There is someone who is taking your warmth and generosity for granted. You have kept your mouth shut for far too long, but now it is time to let out your mighty roar and vocalize that you are not happy about the situation that you are in. It is not necessarily a lover who is treating you like a doormat, but someone who is close to you, like a best friend or a family member. Your personal space may be feeling invaded in the months to come if you don't take necessary measures to put a stop to any people who are more trouble than they are worth. Be cautious of false flattery that manipulates you to miss out on the cold truth of a situation. The sooner you take care of the problem person, the faster you can move forward, and enjoy the rest of your birthday year.

Singles have it the best when it comes to love this year, as there are options laid out before them. Decide for yourself if you want another year of enjoying the perks of the single life, with no one to treat you like they are your mom or dad. You are high-spirited and hard to control in a relationship, unless the proper partner gives you the respect that you deserve. There are admirers around you, but it will be up to you to decide just how close they can get to your inner circle. In late-2017, you may feel disillusioned as the holidays pass by, as if you are missing out on a romantic time of year. If you are ready to pair up with someone, you may find that there are old and new lovers around you in the first quarter of 2018. One person is like a boomerang who keeps coming back. Another person is new, possibly a random chance encounter, who you can see yourself settling down with. You could also give a quiet person in the background a chance, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise or two. Where will your dating life be a year from now? There are multiple paths before you. Take a risk or two, if you are ready to shake things up!

Couples may be butting heads this birthday year. Leos will be envious of their single friends, and want to join them for some wild times. This could cause trouble at home with a jealous partner. Your possessive streak may become more dominant if your letting-loose nights cause a rift between you and your partner. Your partner may return the favor with some lies by omission, which will cause significant trust issues for your relationship. Avoid these pitfalls by bringing your significant other along (or at least extend an invitation). This allows you to avoid being hypocritical towards him or her. 2017 will end on a sweeter note, as the holidays bring you and your partner closer together. 2018, especially the 2nd quarter and through your next birthday, is a stronger time for the relationship. You are back to focusing on harmony, growth, and stability. A summer wedding could be promising next year!

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Image is everything this birthday year. You are ready to upgrade yourself in a multitude of ways. It is good that you are driven to do this, as this can have a positive impact on your career life. Focusing on self-marketing will project to others the inner confidence and ability that you naturally have. You like to be well-groomed, but you may be stepping it up a notch and obsessing over something other than just your mane. It is a great time to buy a shiny new car, watch, or designer jacket. An important figure in your career path will be influenced by your external appearances and material objects. Think of the money that you are spending on yourself as an "investment".

Your career life looks to be on the move, especially in the beginning of 2018. Expect a transfer, career shift, or promotion that brings a financial boost to your life. Your head may be spinning a bit at how fast the world around you is moving. Your co-workers and superiors will be expecting you to make quick transitions. Your expected to learn fast and multitask. The stress and overwhelming feeling will disappear quickly thanks to the support of a friendly colleague. Take careful note of any advice that is given freely to you.

Your finances are in a decent enough spot for you to be able to spend a little extra in 2017. In 2018, starting in January, work back towards saving to recoup on some of the expenses or investments of the previous year. A promotion or raise that you have been anticipating will help you get back on track, too. Leos with careers related to sales, marketing, real estate, and tip-based industries will be thriving this year. Leos who are dissatisfied with where their career is at would benefit from a little re-branding and going back to school.

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August 2017: Your creativity is at an all-time high right now. People are coming to you for your genius and novel ideas to help their own agendas. Make sure that you get the credit that you deserve! Key Date: August 21st's solar eclipse is in your sign and has you feeling as bright as the sun. Your energy is sky high and you are very magnetic this date. Enjoy the attention!

September 2017: There is a lot of work on your plate this month. You may be feeling overwhelmed, yet not ready to let others share your burdens. Don't be afraid to rely on your friends and co-workers if you need a timeout to yourself. Key Date: September 1st is a good day to lay out some goals and plans for the rest of the month and year. You have some deadlines for projects approaching, so budget your time wisely.

October 2017: Learning and investments are two important focal points this month. It is a great time to learn a new skill, take a course, and invest in your future. Saving money this month will help you in advance of the quickly approaching holiday season. Key Date: October 7th is good for some personal space and "me time". Do yourself a favor and don't make any big plans. Enjoy peace and quiet with a good book or movie.

November 2017: Love and romance lift your spirits this month. Singles and attached Leos will both be getting some attention from an admirer. Some intimate nights could be in your near future. Key Date: The weekend of November 17th should be saved for special date nights. Passion and intimacy are at an extreme high this weekend!

December 2017: You are feeling very traditional and nostalgic this holiday season. Singles may be feeling a bit lonely, too. Leos in a relationship will do much better as they enjoy the holiday season with their special someone. Key Date: On December 31st, plan to end the year with a bang. You love the holidays, and have a lot of energy to stay up all night for this one.

January 2018: What are you feeling moody about? No one around you can figure it out. Maybe you don't have a good reason for feeling temperamental. Don't bite anyone's head off, as people are tip-toeing around you as it is. Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Key Date: : The week of January 14th is great for travel. Traveling alone or with one companion only is preferred at this time.

February 2018: You are paying it forward this month and doing good deeds for those who are in need. Volunteering and charity work is coming naturally to you. Keep up the good work! Key Date: February 10th is a more romantic time for you than Valentine's Day itself this year. Use this information to celebrate the holiday a little bit early.

March 2018: Stress is catching up to you as tasks pile up at work and at home. Remember to delegate responsibilities. In the background, a co-worker may be observing you a little too closely. Make sure that you are not dropping the ethical ball. Key Date: March 26th has you feeling blue. Call in sick if you can afford it because you are figuratively "sick" of work right now.

April 2018: This month is very sunny for your career. You are getting praise and admiration. You are someone who thrives on being in the spotlight. Be sure to appreciate your fans and admirers. Key Date: On April 4th there could be a mini-crisis at home. You can be the family hero and save the day if you stay in the loop. Keep your cell phone close by today.

May 2018: Someone in the family needs cheering up. An extended family member feels neglected. Bring them a present and spend some time with them. You may turn their entire month around. Key Date: May 26th is a good day to visit an older family member. If you can't see them in person, visit with a good old-fashioned phone call.

June 2018: It is an extremely empowering month. Your presence is strong and people are picking up on your intimidating vibes. The good will look up to you, the evil will step aside. You are almost a real life superhero this month! Key Date: June 21 is the change of the season. You can do (almost) no wrong today. Even a gamble, such as buying a lottery ticket, could go your way for a change!

July 2018: Envy and greed surround you as an untrustworthy friend wants to sabotage your life a little. Be careful of who you trust this month. Gossip could spread like wildfire and you will take the blame. Key Date: A family vacation the week of July 1st is a promising time for fun for all. Double check your luggage to avoid chaos at your destination point. Remember to check everyone else's luggage too.

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