Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Leo! Peace and love await you for your relationships. However, can you keep up the pace with your career path? Read on to find out what awaits you this amazing birthday year!
Your love life path is about to become more smooth than you are used to in recent years. This birthday year may even be considered "boring", in some ways if you compare it to last year. This is a great time to appreciate harmonious relationships, and the peace that is being offered to you. It is a gift. When there is not a lot of romance drama occupying your time, you can turn your attention towards other pursuits. Consider branching out and making new friends. If you want to add some variety to your life, spend some time with intriguing new acquaintances that are sure to come your way. With love life matters taking a backseat role, your friends and family will enjoy the extra quality time they get to spend with you.

Singles can anticipate a wildcard personality that they will cross paths with in late 2018. Expect to encounter someone who is likely your opposite in many regards to captivate your attention. If you are open-minded, you may learn that you have something to gain from this relationship. Love interests that you actually want to gravitate to may be more few and far between in the coming months. Do not take it lightly when someone makes your heart beat faster. Those who are closed-minded risk having a lonelier year than those who are more flexible in their dating standards.

Attached Leos can look forward to a harmonious year with their partner. The smoke from last year's fires have finally cleared up. Expect some slow and steady growth for your relationship as 2018 comes to a close. The holiday season is a magical time for you and your sweetheart. You two may be making others envious, so tone down the PDA's, if you feel scathing eyes upon you. The best thing for your love life would be an extended getaway for two. Babysitters are your friend right now. Activities that strengthen the relationship are ideal this year. As you get through these easy days of love, assess your relationship goals. Not every year is an easy one, so you will want to proactively prepare for more challenging years.

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The seeds that you planted last year are starting to grow. You are paving the way for yourself to be a rising up-and-comer at work. The year looks good for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That doesn't mean that you can go into auto-pilot mode. The higher you climb, the more that your work will be scrutinized by others. Particularly in the early months of 2019, you will be encountering individuals that want to rain on your parade. Make sure to cross your T's and dot your I's as the year continues. A financial oversight could turn into a disaster if the wrong people learn about your mistake.

If you don't let negative people drag you down, you can certainly shine at work. Your positive attitude will bring light to those with poor attitudes. Your boss may be sticking you with the most difficult clients this year, but that is because no one else could handle them but you right now! Your work life may be testing you in strange ways. Don't be surprised if some mysteries pop up as well. Your lunch may go missing one day, and another day your paperwork may show up in a random location. Whether it is direct sabotage or clueless newbies behind this, don't let it bring you down. You can overcome petty mishaps. Individuals who work in customer service, retail, and spa/salon industries will have the most luck in their career paths this birthday year.

Financially, you may be feeling spread a little too thin. The bills are piling up, so make sure that you work on organization so you can avoid getting stuck with fees from late or forgotten payments. With steady efforts at work, you should be able to make ends meet. It is definitely a year to avoid luxurious spending. The holidays will be tempting you this year. Stick to a budget so that way you don't have any regrets when 2019 comes around. Good fortune starts to come your way in the second half of 2019. You may notice pennies from heaven coming your way at a time when you need it most. Saving and investing your money is highly recommended to you this birthday year.

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August 2018: You may encounter a problem with a close friend this month. A clash over something small can escalate big time. Be cautious of the tales that spread to mutual friends. Get your side of the story out there so that way your reputation stays clean. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse is sure to cause some drama around this date. Take a deep breath, and find a way to relax if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

September 2018: This is a great month to focus on your career path. Pick a day to talk with your boss or a special mentor. Planning for the future now will help you reach your goals before you know it. Key Date: September 18th is the most ideal date to have a work-related meeting. Presentations and sales-related work this day will also go more smoothly.

October 2018: Someone in the family has your attention. Are you feeling more worried about someone than usual? Remember that life is short, so spend some quality time with the family member that you are missing the most. You will find that it is easier to talk with those who you keep closest to your heart. Key Date: October 2nd is a great date for a family outing. Outdoor or out-of-town activities are likely to be the most fun for the entire family.

November 2018: You are being closely monitored at work right now. There is a co-worker who will stir up some trouble for you if he can help it. Take precautions. Trust your instincts if you are not buying what people tell you this month. If your instincts are accurate, it is not senseless paranoia. Key Date: November 15th is one of the more stressful days of the month. Jump at the chance if you are offered the day off. Freedom will be especially valued today.

December 2018: Your generosity may get the best of you this month. There are a lot of people that you want to spoil this holiday season. Find creative ways to show your love that won't hit your bank account too hard. Your imaginative gifts will be enjoyed by all. Key Date: Your creativity is at a peak on December 5th. Figure out your gift-giving plans early, so that way you are not rushed to overspend at the last minute!

January 2019: Love is in the air for Leos this month. Singles have extra luck when it comes to dating. You may end up dating someone you least expect. Attached Leos find renewed sexual excitement with their partner. You may be in store for a wild month! Key Date: Passion hits a peak around January 20th. If you have the energy, a special date night may keep you up until sunrise.

February 2019: Boredom makes life feel dull right now. Time to do something about it! Whether you want to travel or take an online course, it is time to expand your horizons. Find a partner in crime, and life will be exciting again before you know it. Key Date: February 8th is a wonderful time to spend with your friends. Try to do something off the beaten path. You may discover a hot spot for future outings.

March 2019: Money issues may come out of nowhere this month. An unexpected bill may show up in your mailbox. You can fight the charges all you want, but it could only make the problem worse. Other financial woes may strike hard this month, so be cautious! Key Date: Bad luck hits the hardest on March 29th. Prepare for the worst this day and be on guard.

April 2019: The travel bug has bit you hard. Are you ready to go on a vacation? Make plans to use up some of your vacation days. Triple-check your itinerary to ensure that your travel plans go as smoothly as possible. Key Date: Any travels around April 22nd are bound to be extra relaxing and rewarding. Traveling to exotic locations is highly recommended!

May 2019: Stress is catching up with you again this month at work. You may have to face the problem head-on. You are capable of being the victor so do not let yourself be intimidated. You have dealt with troublemakers at work in the past, so you know how to handle this. Key Date: May 4th has you feeling more run-down than you are used to. Try to sleep-in and get some extra rest. The stress you are dealing with may be compromising your immune system.

June 2019: You are at risk of harboring a grudge right now with someone that you care about. Talk it out with them so that way the situation doesn't cause your relationship to deteriorate. Ask yourself if it is really worth losing a friend over. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. There is positive energy in the air. Communication goes more smoothly for you today than usual. Save any big discussions for today.

July 2019: It is getting close to your birthday. Plan to do something special for yourself. Whether you buy yourself a present or treat yourself to a day off from life, you definitely deserve it! Key Date: July 30th is the best day of the month for "me-time". Treat yourself like royalty. It is just a shame that every day cannot be like this!

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