Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Leo! You are ready for the future and what your love life has to offer you this birthday year. There is excitement around the corner. The same holds true for career and financial matters. Are you ready for the news that awaits? Read on to find out what awaits you this very exciting birthday year!
Whether you are single or taken, Leos are getting a big burst of energy for their relationship sector across the second half of 2021. Your love and social relationships can be more face-paced than normal. So, with your friends and family, you may be putting a lot of effort and time into nurturing the bonds you have with others. With your love life, things can go quite fast, for better or for worse. As you enter 2022, the pace does slow down, but you still have to contend with the effects of any choices you made over 2021. Your friends may be greatly appreciative of the extra time you have to give, but be sure to draw a line at what you feel is appropriate for your financial generosity. You may have to spell out before the lunch date who is paying for what, if you find that you have friends getting too comfortable with your ability to be so generous!

Single Leos will not have to deal with an attention drought this birthday year. Love and romance moves quickly when it does occur. Are you trying to make up for lost time? Definitely you have a greater need for physical intimacy that is picking up late in 2021, especially as your ruler (the Sun) shines a spotlight on you. Love interests will take notice! You are throwing the traditional rules for dating out the window. If you want to call someone NOW you will do so. You do not want to play the 3 days waiting game. If any love interest seems to be playing games, you are going to get bored quick. You have the need for honesty, realness, and someone who can keep your attention. While multiple crushes can cross your path this year, keep your eyes peeled for fellow Fire signs early in 2022. You may have better luck starting something serious in 2022, compared to 2021.

Attached Leos are not in the mood for games either. Your partner better behave on your terms, or they will be finding the exit door quickly. Even relationships who have withstood years together, may not be so lucky to survive this birthday year. Part of you wants to love and nurture, but you also have less patience if your own needs are not being met by your partner. All you want is honesty, balance, and trust. It is not too much to ask, but you may have to ask if you will be able to have this with your current relationship. If not, the good news is there are other great options that may not be too far in the background to see anymore. If you feel your heartbeat speeding up around special third parties, you may want to stop and consider what messages your body is sending you. Some years, it is out with the old and in with the new. If you do not feel a balanced partnership, you may be seeking alternative options this coming year.

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Your career path may take some sharp turns out of left field as you run your birthday year course. Leos who feel most secure in their work place position may experience surprising shakeups, too. The good news is that there are opportunities for growth that can help your career and financial paths over the next 12 months. Expect for personnel changes around you, that may leave room for promotion or more income to be made. As you get to October 2021, your creative powers expand, thanks to Jupiter's influence. This can greatly benefit you as a visionary at work, as you brainstorm ideas that can boost your career-related successes. Your energy with bosses or supervisors is quite positive, which can help you with any social aspects and office politics, particularly in early 2022. The biggest warning is for February 16, 2022, where there is the Full Moon in Leo. Around this date, your patience is absent, so watch out world!

This year you may be noticing that you are more easily enticed by the finer things in life. You are more likely to treat yourself and spend money on the vices that tempt you the most. You may have a hard time committing to saving for the proverbial rainy day. Part of this is thanks to Jupiter influencing your spending habits for much of 2021. As 2022 gets rolling, you may be less tempted by life's luxuries. You may even wish to postpone making major purchases until 2022, if possible. Even the Leos who are feeling quite financially secure know by now how unpredictable the rainy days of life can be. Your friends and family are benefiting from your generosity more than ever before, especially in the 4th quarter of 2021. It may not be until April 2022, or later, but eventually you will reach a point where you call out anyone who seems to be taking advantage of your financially charitable behavior. Don't be surprised if you experience the burden and mental fatigue of being the ultimate giver by the time of your next birthday in 2022. If you set up boundaries for yourself now, you may be able to limit some of the future fallout.

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August 2021: Your birthday year starts off good, as your personal energy is quite high. Accomplishing tasks on your to-do list is no trouble at all. This positive energy you have going on can be noticed by your employer too. Your "can-do" attitude is what everyone wants to see more of. Key Date: Around August 2nd, your energy is starting to build up at a faster pace. This is a good time to schedule tasks that you just want to get out of the way. It is best to do it while your personal energy is so strong.

September 2021: Romance is in the air for you this September. In fact, you may even end up getting distracted from tasks you may have wish you got done in August. You certainly can enjoy the attention, but how far things go may depend upon your marital status. Innocent flirting could turn into a full-fledged affair if you are not careful! Key Date: Around September 17th, you are experiencing greater needs for passion and romance. This is a good time to schedule a date with a love interest.

October 2021: Your personal energy may be waning this month. You could even be wishing you had more vacation days! If you are feeling run down with responsibilities, you may want to find ways to improve your stress management. Whether it is through healthier diet and exercise, or meditation and yoga, there is surely something out there that can keep your attention. Key Day: Around October 21, your energy is at a peak for the month. This is a good day to schedule any draining tasks or meetings.

November 2021: You feel like spoiling yourself this month. There can be great reason to reward yourself. As 2021 comes to a close, you may have been promoted (or have news of an upcoming promotion) or have other reasons to celebrate. Your spending may go up as you experience shopping temptations. This phase won't always last, so be sure to not damage your credit card too much. Key Date: Days around November 7th are best for spending time with family or friends. You may find the need to vent any troubles that you are holding on to deep inside. It is a good day to talk to your best friend!

December 2021: As the year ends, your generosity hits a peak with your loved ones and friends who are in need of any financial assistance. Your savings may even get dipped into, but at least you are in the position to help others out. Always draw the line at being taken advantage of. Your generosity may have to get cut off if you are finding others are not being as appreciative as they should! Key Day: Around December 20th, you may notice there are multiple people who are requesting your money or time. It may feel like you are the only person who can help right now, but do not let the stress overwhelm you too much.

January 2022: The new year may be off to a slow start, which is not a bad thing. You have time to get any plans for the year together, and work on your goals for the future. You may even have to make preparations for your family expanding. Whether it is a baby, a pet, or an extended relative, your sure to make the new addition feel most welcome. Key Date: You may have a friend or family member in need turn to you in early January, maybe as soon as January 1st! Take the time to listen, even if you cannot offer anything but your ear to help them. Sometimes just answering the phone is more than what most are doing.

February 2022: Your patience is at a yearly low this month. Even Valentine's day decorations may be getting on your nerves. Your love interest may not be meeting all of your needs right now. The good news is that there are other love interests who have you on their radar. The bad news is that you are the one who has to decide what may happen with any existing relationship. Key Date: February 16th is when the full moon in Leo hits hard. Your patience is limited and your frustration starts to reach a boiling point. If you wish to avoid a major argument, you may want to lay low with your love interests right now.

March 2022: As the month gets going, you may find that your social calendar is quite full. There are multiple engagements and opportunities to socialize that are grabbing your attention. Who have you lost touch with lately? There may be some friends of the past who make a come back thanks to any events and activities you partake in this month. Key Date: The days around March 8th are best for special events with friends. Whether its entertaining guests at your own home, or going out for a night on the town, you have a good chance to live it up and enjoy life right now.

April 2022: Things may be feeling a little chaotic with the romance sector this month. You may be dealing with attention that you do not WANT to have even. If there is a toxic individual that keeps showing up, do not be afraid to show them the door. Turn to trusted allies for help, if you need it. Life is too short to waste your time on someone who does not deserve it! Key Date: Things may be most dramatic in your love life around April 15th. You may pick up on other's bad moods and energy more easily. Don't bring it home with you, and you will avoid conflict and confrontation.

May 2022: You are ready for a vacation, and it may even be feeling past due! Reward yourself and any lucky loved ones with a trip out of town. If you can get away from where you live, it may give you a better perspective. You are sure to enjoy a place with a lot of people and energy. Pick a destination that suits your interests, and stay as long as possible! Key Date: Traveling around May 28th, it is an opportune time for traveling to exotic destinations. Trying out things you have never experienced before is sure to make you smile right now.

June 2022: You are having to make some difficult choices at work. This is especially true for those who have been feeling less than satisfied with their career path. You may be entertaining the thought of changing companies or even career paths! There is no need to rush a decision. Take time to think through all your options, so there are no regrets down the road. Key Date: Around June 20th, you are feeling more lethargic and not in the mood to deal with negative people. If work is draining you, try to not to let your frustrations show. Any competitors will be noticing your weakness, and you do not want them to have any advantages over you!

July 2022: You are ready for some changes on the home front. Whether it is a new color wallpaper or adding on an addition to the house, there are all sorts of projects that you may be taking a fancy to right now. Your home is your castle, and you definitely want to have pride in where your home is. Key Date: July 12th is an opportune time to work on home projects. Your creativity is sky high, which can help with decorating ideas. Be sure to plan things through carefully, so you do not bite off more than you can chew!

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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