Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Leo! Last year brought you some tough battles, you questioned your life in great detail. However, look at you now! You made it through and are better for it. You are a stronger and more confident version of yourself. A big theme of 2021 for many Leos was learning to let go and move on. Now, what’s the theme for 2022? Let’s jump into what awaits this fabulous birthday year!
Regarding the love and relationship department, Leos, like many signs this year, won’t have the shiny start that you might have wished for. This is due to the fact that we started the year off with a few heavy retrogrades in play (Uranus, Venus, and then Mercury in mid-January). However, things start to slowly pick up for Leos in relationships (and flirtationships). This is because Venus retrograde ends nearing the end of January, and Mercury retrograde ends during the beginning of February. By March, you will already know if this relationship is something that has a future or if it will end. Single Leos will most likely meet someone romantic between February and April. This new person may quickly turn into an obsession, so be extra careful that you keep things fun and healthy.

Because you have a much better idea of what you want in a partner and what you are looking for in a partnership in general, this knowledge will keep your heart protected from those who don’t have honest intentions. Spring will definitely be an exciting time for Leos, especially single Leos who are re-entering the dating scene. You will spend your spring days opening up to someone who will, in your eyes, be remarkable. But will the connection be strong enough to survive the summer? That’s something that only you know. Astrology might not be in the favor of a super-serious let’s-get-married type of relationship, but it will encourage Leos to explore their relationship with love, partnerships, intimacy, and so on. As long as you don’t lose sight of who you are and what’s important to you, the summer and fall of 2022 won’t bring too much turbulence in the love department. A manipulative ex might make an appearance during low periods in February and in November. If they don’t want to be an adult about your situation, you might just have to block them and delete their number in order to finally move on in peace.

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Since Leos do love to live lavishly, this may have come with a price during last year. Lots of Leos entered 2022 with some debt that they are beyond eager to get rid of. Luckily, lots of Leos will also have the opportunity to achieve this, mostly thanks to a new path or direction in their career. This new direction in your career is likely something that was set in motion during last year, even if it was just an idea back then. This year, due to positive planetary influences, you will feel motivated to save more money and to make more money. Create a financial plan each month, and do your best to stick to it. A big motive for Leos when it comes to their career and finances is delaying instant gratifications. Patience is key.

At first, it might seem very hard not to follow your first impulse, but after some time, you will start to see a difference in how you go about your obligations as well as better finances in general. It won’t be easy, though. You will have to master the art of self-discipline in order to succeed. Your energy and your sense of drive will peak between March and May. Use this energy to better your position at your workplace, or perhaps even change your job. After a long spell of financial mishaps, March will finally allow you to breathe again. The rest of the year will be an easy breeze, and you might get several new opportunities, all thanks to the wonderful social connections that you have.

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July 2022: Leo season is right around the corner, starting at the end of July. During July, you will feel the good energy that exists all around you. You will feel more motivated to improve yourself. You might pick up a new hobby or start working out more. An improvement in health will happen during this month. Key date: 28th of July - Neptune is the planet that governs our imagination. On this day, Neptune will enter retrograde. This will give you a unique opportunity to explore something that you’ve been putting off for some time. This will give you more insight into who you are and what your capabilities are.

August 2022: During this month, even though it’s your birthday month, you will still need to show that your sense of self-discipline has improved. Don’t give into destructive behavior and try to stay on the path that you envisioned for yourself. PS. It’s never shameful to ask for support when you need it. Key date: 11th of August - Venus, the planet that governs glamour and money, will enter your sign - Leo. This will make you feel extra amorous towards the people that you love and care about. Don’t be afraid to be more vocal about how much they mean to you.

September 2022: Leos signs that struggle with anxiety might feel a small spike in their anxiety during this month. You might have some worries about the future, or about a family member, that are starting to affect you. Perhaps talk to a kind friend that gives good advice (and even better hugs). Key date: 10th of September - Sometimes, you forget that you are a human person living in a human body. You aren’t a machine that can just handle everything all of the time. With a Full Moon in Pisces, use this day to relax and unwind.

October 2022: You may be eager for a promotion or for a raise. It will come, Leo. Especially if you have been working with a goal in mind. Your dedication and your drive set you apart from the crowd. And this is something that your employer is well aware of. Key date: 23rd of October - Saturn is the planet that governs our inner restrictions and limitations. On this date, Saturn will finally return to direct. Things will finally start to feel a bit less tense. Use this day to enhance your spiritual well being.

November 2022: Your life might have felt hectic until this moment, but in November, things are going to slow down a bit. Use this time to do something that truly fulfills your soul. Being around people is going to uplift your mood. Key date: 17th of November - Mercury is going to enter Sagittarius on this date. This means that this will be a great day to meet people who come from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. It’s also a good time to travel to a destination that you’ve never been to.

December 2022: Throughout the year, you will feel at times like time is going by slowly. However, by the time it’s December, you won’t believe how time flew by and how many things happened to you. This is a moment to look back, tap yourself on the back, and start envisioning what you want 2023 to look like. Key date: 20th of December - On this day, Jupiter will enter Aries. For you, this will mean that your spirits will be high, and everything will somehow play out well for you. Prepare for the holiday season, get your favorite people the perfect gifts.

January 2023: Let others lead the way and learn from what they have to offer. Key date: the 2nd of January - Venus enters Aquarius today, inviting you to let go of your whims and stop trying to be the center of attention in your social interactions.

February 2023: Have fun without worrying too much about the future! The whole point is to enjoy the first stages of love. Key date: the 20th of February - The entrance of Venus in Aries will lead you to find exciting new love prospects.

March 2023: If you have any personal issues hanging over your head, this moon will help you organize your ideas and make wise decisions. Key date: the 7th of March - The Full Moon in Virgo makes your emotions more grounded and practical.

April 2023: Don't worry if you don't know how the path will unfold later on. Just hold on to that blind impulse that beckons you to move forward and trust your impulses. Key date: the 20th of April - The New Moon heralds new beginnings, and since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, this is the perfect time to have a fresh start.

May 2023: This zodiac sign leads you to drop all appearances and destroy your ego to let your true potential emerge. Be patient with your inner processes. Key date: the 5th of May - The Full Moon in Scorpio could be emotionally challenging for you, Leo.

June 2023: Commit yourself only to those endeavors that can sustain you for the long haul. Key date: the 17th of June - Saturn goes into retrograde motion today, bringing frustrations, delays, and complications in your life projects.

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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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