Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This is going to be a year where you are given the opportunity to reinvent yourself. You may find yourself at the crossroads on more than one occasion in both work and love. Read on to find out what awaits you this amazing birthday year!
"Crossroads" are a theme for you this year. You probably have been considering what path you want to take when it comes to love for a while now. Most likely, you are experiencing some degree of dissatisfaction with your love life. The time has come for you to choose a path, and stick with it. One thing you cannot truly do half-halfheartedly is love another person. Some of you will be deciding whether or not you want a relationship to be "official." Others will be struggling to choose whether or not it is the right time for a love connection or marriage to be officially over. The right path is not easily discerned, but you must take your first steps forward on it soon. Ideally, you will be making a transition over the course of a year so that your next birthday year is a more stable one. No matter what route you take, 2018 is a year where a lot of your energy is going to be spent focused on matters of the heart.

Singles are finding that it is an impossible task to make everyone happy when juggling multiple relationships. Some of you may have two (or three!) main love interests on the table. Your free spirit normally is comfortable being the social butterfly. However, when emotions start to get heavy for the individuals involved, you may find that the party cannot go on forever. The love triangle (or square) will come to a halt when you commit to only one partner by mid-2018. You may be tempted to run away from all of the stress, and stay permanently single for the time being. That is not a bad choice, but something in your heart is telling you that settling down with just one love interest isn't as scary as you think it might be.

Attached Sagittariuses are on a forked path of their own. The love of your life could quickly become your worst enemy based on the decisions you make this year. The dilemma you are being faced with is deciding whether it is time to give the relationship the axe or to fully recommit and give this person your all in order to make things work. If you decide to cut the cord with your partner, be prepared for some vindictiveness (especially if you are married, have children, or shared assets). You will find that your ex has an envious dark side that comes out to haunt you. If you decide to make things work, severe measures need to be taken to ensure that the relationship is satisfactory to you both. Couples counseling may be required, on top of your willingness to self-sacrifice and become a better partner. Nobody is perfect, but if you are open to it, you can evolve. In time, this will elevate your love life to a whole new level.

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This birthday year, you may be feeling down and out when it comes to your career path. It seems that no matter what you do, no one is happy. You may be questioning whether or not you are even in the right industry. You can't continue to kill yourself trying to please a boss or customers whose demands increase by the day. The negativity in your world is draining, and your current self is worn down more than in previous years. The good news is that due to the negativity that surrounds you at work, you are more motivated than ever before to take your career path to new heights. You can reinvent yourself, and plot an entire new course for your career path. Which direction do you want to go?

The timing is perfect for you to go back to school or to train yourself for working in a new field. If you decide to tough out your current job, brace yourself for a rocky year. Your inner voice is telling you to apply elsewhere or to follow your dream. Are you really doing what you want to do in life? You are not truly answering your calling if all you care about is your paycheck at the end of the day. In changing your path, there will be speed bumps along the way. These challenging hurdles will only make you a stronger individual. Expect that your next birthday year is more calm, as you are rewarded by the hard work you endured this year. Individuals who work in finance, politics, and jobs involving physical labor will benefit the most this year.

Finances are a tricky subject for you this year. You will have to be careful not to overextend yourself. There is the temptation to buy, but there is not much left spared for a rainy day. It is a better year to save and avoid major purchases. There may be expectations that your family is placing upon you when it comes to spending. Your ego may be bruised if you have to say "no" to a spouse or child. This year is about learning your limits, and that is an important life lesson to learn. June through August of 2018 may prove to be the most challenging. Get past the hump, and you can start building up your bank account again. Education, training, or new business expenses are worthwhile expenditures this year

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December 2017: You are ending 2017 on a positive note. There is more peace than usual at work. Those who are difficult to get along with are distracted by the holiday season. A pleasant surprise awaits you later this month that will bring a smile to your face. Key Date: December 1st is a day that has you feeling full of energy. Aim to get a lot accomplished this productive day. Positive vibes surround you.

January 2018: Your family may be driving you a little crazy right now. Your children and/or partner are being too demanding. Your nerves are frayed, but don't let yourself say anything that you will regret in the future. Key Date: January 9th is a good day to spend with the younger members of your immediate or extended family. Youthful energy around you will rejuvenate your spirits.

February 2018: This month has you feeling a little frazzled. People at work are getting on your nerves. A faraway trip or even a weekend getaway can help you snap out of it. Try to visit a more laid back environment if you want to avoid as much chaos as possible. Key Date: The week of February 11th is the most optimal for travel this month. Your body and soul will appreciate a break!

March 2018: Your love life is an emotional roller coaster this month. The ups and downs will take their toll on you. Expect a sleepless night or two when you and your partner are struggling. It is up to you to bring the fighting to an end. Key Date: March 21st is a good day to work on communication with your partner. Aim for a compromise to diplomatically end the tension between you two.

April 2018: Romance is going much more smoothly this month. The romantic conflict has ceased for now. A month of peace with loved ones comes at a time when there is tension building in the workplace. You may be taking a long lunch or a day off to avoid some office politics. Key Date: April 26th has everyone on edge at work. You may find yourself being the peacemaker on more than one occasion today.

May 2018: Your social needs are craving some time with friends. The good news is that your best friend will be there to help you in your time of need. Plan for a fun night out and some laughs with friends. You have been working too much lately, as your friends will be reminding you. Key Date: The weekend of May 25th would be best spent with a group of friends. Arrange to have a party or to go out for the evening. You are in for an entertaining time.

June 2018: It is a lucky month for you. Things seem to be going almost too smoothly. Use this time to take a risk, for it is likely to result in your favor. You will get an unexpected financial boost this month, but it may be a modest one. Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. There is a lot of positive energy on this day for you to enjoy. A love interest would like to spend this time with you.

July 2018: Conflict awaits you at work. Your career could face a nosedive if you can't talk your way out of trouble. Even if it is not your fault, someone is expecting you to take the fall for them. You will need to decide if it is really worth falling for this person. Key Date: The most stressful day of the month will be July 2nd. Expect many demands and interruptions as you try to get through the workday.

August 2018: There is a dark cloud above you this month. You just are not feeling yourself for some reason. You are lacking in optimism and may be feeling blue without an obvious cause. Turn to your friends and family to cheer you up. Key Date: August 11th's solar eclipse will lead to an overwhelming day when it comes to stress levels. You may be dealing with some big egos today. Watch your words to avoid an accidental conflict.

September 2018: There are some negative changes to your finances this month. You may be forced to pay attention to your budget a little more closely. Some of the extras you have grown accustom to are not truly necessities in your life. Key Date: The week of September 16th is a good week to implement a new savings plan. The small things you do today will add up to a lot of change over the course of a year.

October 2018: A transition is happening at work. You may be settling into a new role or dealing with a new boss. Do your best to roll with the changes or suffer the consequences. It won't take as long to adjust as you might fear. Key Date: October 10th is an ideal date to communicate with your supervisor about an idea you have. Your suggestions will not fall upon deaf ears.

November 2018: This will be one of the more stressful months of the year. It seems like life is throwing you one curve ball after another. Luckily, you brought your A-game and you are ready for whatever life has in store for you! Key Date: November 30th is a day that you should spend relaxing at home or at the spa. Unwind by watching your favorite movies or TV show. The end of the year chaos is on the horizon.

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