Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Your love life is due for some serious changes that are bound to entice you. Career and financial opportunities are waiting around the corner, as well. Can you handle all of this excitement? Read on to find out what awaits you this extraordinary birthday year!
Good news! A new cycle awaits you as 2020 comes to a close. The Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter is going to be the dawn of a new era for your love and relationship sector of life. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is pulling you to bigger and better things. When it comes to your social and love life, this may mean "cleaning house." Some of the new faces from last year may have only been meantime connections. Some people will enter your life for a reason or for just a season, so don't get too discouraged by this. Consider the previous year's practice for the high-quality connections you can focus on this coming year! As you get a few months into 2021, you should be figuring out who deserves your love and attention. Finding like-minded folks, who are both generous and big-hearted, will serve you well. Those who leave you drained and the takers should be getting the least of your time and effort. You are being pulled towards those who can serve your needs best. Your intuition is heightened, which can be helpful in determining who makes the cut, especially after June 2021.

Single Sagittarians will have a lot of options on the table to consider. You may be divided in trying to address your personal needs for freedom while balancing your heart's emotional needs. Cravings for security and affection are highest as the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius hits you hard come May 2021. This is likely to be the hardest part of the year for you, when it comes to your love life. Fortunately, there are numerous romantic opportunities to be had as 2021 progresses. Try not to be by yourself too much in late-May 2021. As far as dating goes this birthday year, it is up to your personal context whether you want to seriously date or just mate! You like having choices, so even just knowing you have the option to be in a relationship may be enough to sustain your love needs for now.

Attached Sagittarians may be noticing that their need for intimacy is sky-rocketing. While you are not normally a clingy partner, you are noticing more emotional depth in your feelings towards your significant other. Most of you will find that your partner does not mind the extra attention. In fact, they may get a little too used to it! This can create issues when your vagabond spirit inevitably feels the need to roam free from tight relationship constraints. Communication should be an important area of focus in your relationship. The little things that irk you may be small in nature, but you can blow up like no other when you reach your limit. You are a fire sign after all, and when crossed, you can burn the hearts of others with the best of them.

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What a great year to be a Sagittarius. The aforementioned Great Conjunction can also help your career path. Communication is key, and can help you with finding a mentor or important connection who can really influence your career for the best. Just as important, there can be room for growth in your employment sector. This may mean a promotion for some or a new job for others. For many of you, this can be on YOUR terms. So if you have been biding your time on when to leave a dead-end job, you may want to start dusting off your resume soon. Part of what this birthday year can bring to you is life lessons on how to combine work and fun. If your work tasks are something you enjoy doing, then you can trick your brain into dreading going to work a little less.

Thanks to the opportunities that are ongoing, your financial sector has the ability to rise and shine, too. You may be facing temptation with overspending and issues with being too generous with your money. If you can start keeping your self in check now, you should be able to balance out the impulses for retail therapy that only wastes your hard-earned cash. Some of you may be struggling to save any extra income that you are acquiring. You may end up having to consult with a loved one or even a financial advisor for help with money management. All in all though, it is a great birthday year to earn and save your money.

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December 2020: Your energy levels are a little lower than normal, as you get past your birthday this year. The majority of the year to come will test your energy limits, so rest up while you can! Right now is an excellent time for leisure activities. Even activities that you do alone, such as art or creative writing projects, may keep your interest more than they normally would. You may uncover a new hobby! Key Date: December 4th is when your energy is likely to be the lowest this month. If you are feeling drained, it is best to keep plans to a minimum around now. Don't be afraid to go to bed early and sleep in to help prepare yourself for what all is to come!

January 2021: The year may start with concern over some of the acquaintances in your life. Are there some individuals who you find to be wasting your time or resources? You may want to have a New Year's Resolution that deals with these energy-wasters in a constructive way. Key Date: January 1st is when your mental acuity is quite sharp in figuring out who is wasting space in your social circle. You are ready for quality over quantity more than ever when it comes to your friends and acquaintances!

February 2021: Things are rolling forward with your career sector. You are impressing others and setting a good example to follow. An important figure, such as a supervisor, is paying attention to your model work efforts. This is a great month to express any ideas you have been holding back on at work. Key Date: Days around February 25th will be the luckiest when it comes to talking to management or other supervisor figures at work. With your communication ability on point, you will find this timing to be opportune for meetings and presentations.

March 2021: After several exciting months in a row, you may be feeling some temporary burnout. There are always some wrenches in the machine to deal with. Any roadblocks on your path to success should not be too discouraging. You have built up momentum and can get through the dreary periods with more ease than normal this year. Key Date: Days around March 10th is when you are most at risk for mental exhaustion. Plan ahead, for this is not when you should be scheduling any important interviews or meetings that can make or break your career path.

April 2021: Your energy is back with a vengeance this month! You may be seeing some connections in your life in a whole new light. Did someone you work with get a new hair cut? Did an attractive neighbor move next-door? There are likely to be people you are noticing that are no longer just in the background of your life. Your heart may be fluttering! Key Date: April 8th is an ideal time to make new friends and connections. Is there someone you have been wanting to talk to, or even ask out on a date? Be brave around this date, for your chances of a successful outcome are higher than normal.

May 2021: This month you may be dealing with emotional sensitivity causing you some grief. Your normally carefree spirit is feeling more needy than usual. Those in relationships may have better luck in getting through this month unscathed than singles. It all comes to a head with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius late this month. Key Date: On May 25th is the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Your emotions may be all over the place this day. It is a good time to think before you speak or do. You do not want to end up with regrets after this phase passes.

June 2021: Watch out for financial bumps in the road this month. Some stress from items you forgot to take care of (or procrastinated on) may be coming back to haunt you. The good news is that you should be equipped to handle any issues. The bad news is you still may not feel like dealing with these consequences. Key Date: A problem from your past (such as a bill you never paid) could be causing you some chaos around June 13th. You may feel like screening all your calls today, but procrastinating further could turn little annoyances into more serious problems down the road.

July 2021: This is a luckier month for you, especially when it comes to money matters. Your kindness is also able to be returned to you at least two-fold. So it is a wonderful month to be generous (with reason) and to take changes (within reason). You may notice that you have an eye for finding money that you thought was lost (or spent). In addition, your luck with games may increase. Some of you may want to buy a lottery ticket this month! Key Date: Luck reaches its peak for you around July 9th. This would be the day to take chances. If you happen to be at a casino today, you may be compelled to go big or go home.

August 2021: You are feeling restless and in need of an adventure or five. Have you considered going on vacation or doing some traveling? You have an innate need to travel and see the world. There may be some stress at the home front you want a break in dealing with anyway. If so, you may want to take a break from the real world temporarily. Key Date: The days around August 30th are serving you best for starting a new journey. Whether you can escape for a day or a month, you will find this to be an opportune time for travels far from home.

September 2021: Family has your attention this month, as there may be multiple family members who are in need of your help or guidance. Some may just be lonely and want your attention. The hard part is trying to make time for those who are not already a part of your main family time schedule. Key Date: Extended family members may be most in need of you around September 5th. The older generation (such as elderly grandparents) may be most in need of your attention at this time. Giving them some extra one-on-one time will nourish your soul, as well as help loved ones who are in need.

October 2021: You may be feeling the effects this month of not having enough "me time". You have been such a busy bee that you may have neglected some of your personal needs. There are a variety of ways you can take care of yourself better. Some of you need to focus on better nutrition, exercise, or stress management. This is a great month to practice better self-care. Key Date: Around October 22nd you may be feeling a pull to overindulge with vices, such as alcohol or unhealthy snacks. You will serve yourself best by controlling the urge to satisfy your vices. Even though temptation is high right now, you are likely to have regrets if you cave in to your vices!

November 2021: Your birthday year ends with a bang in the love department. There may be someone from your past who has been on your mind lately. Guess what? You have been on theirs too! This is an exciting month to re-connect with an ex-lover. Even if you know things will be going no where, it may be good to catch up. Some of you may find that you are finally at the right place and time, when before you two were at odds with being at different phases of life. Key Date: Love life matters are most boosted around November 17th. This is a great time to plan for a romantic night out with a romantic interest. Both singles and couples can take advantage of the amours mood.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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