How to Handle Stress in These Dangerous Times

Sonya Starr Angel
Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Clairvoyant Tarot Reader
Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Clairvoyant Tarot Reader

Are you feeling more than just a bit anxious? Do you want to know how to relieve stress quickly? With everything going on in the news, you're likely forgetting to look inward and evaluate how all this extra stress is impacting your mind, body, and soul. When it seems that the world is crumbling around you, take a moment to breathe, and to consider some of the things you CAN control.

If you still want to know how to deal with stress positively, Here are some ways to reduce stress and help you regain peace, while you socially distance yourself away from stress. But where should you focus first? Stay calm, and read on:

how to deal with stress positively? how to deal with stress positively?

THE SELF: Most importantly, you have to make sure that you are taking care of your own basic needs. When life gets serious, you can't try to take on too much responsibility at once. If you are struggling to take care of yourself, it is unlikely that you will be of much help to loved ones around you who depend on you. Also, not looking out for yourself will only make it harder to face the stressors of life.

how to handle stress at home? how to handle stress at home?

1. Don't get frazzled and forget the common sense basics when navigating how to handle stress at home. Stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and eat healthy foods. You may be more tempted than usual to eat candy bars and treats, but nutritious foods can boost your immune system and give you long-lasting energy versus just a sugary quick-fix. Ensure that you have the adequate physical energy to face the day ahead. In times of significant stress, you need to carve out extra time in your schedule for sleep and rest.

2. Find time each day to relax and block out the real world. Try to squeeze in an extra 15-30+ minutes of YOU ONLY time. For those with busy schedules, you can space your "you time" throughout the day. Spend an extra 5 minutes enjoying a hot shower or bubble bath, read a chapter of a compelling book before dinner, or enjoy streaming an episode of your favorite comedy before bed. Balance the negatives out, with doses of positive throughout the day.

3. Before bedtime, distance your mind away from the worries of the world. Making time for meditation or prayer before bed can also help your body relax to more easily enter the sleep zone. To ensure high-quality sleep, make sure you are "unplugging" from society at least a half-hour before bed. Set your alarm, write tomorrow's "to do" list, and pick an outfit for the following day. The goal is that when you lie down, you are efficiently prepared for the next day to limit the worries that could keep you awake all night.

how to relieve stress quickly? how to relieve stress quickly?

LOVED ONES & YOUR COMMUNITY: If you feel you "got this" when it comes to your own basic needs, it is a great time help others around you. Part of successful stress management can include partaking in healthy distractions. Don't fall into the trap of refreshing the news headlines every five minutes! Keep your mind occupied with positive activities.

1. Now is a great time to communicate with long-distance family and friends. Almost everyone has that family member they've been "meaning to call." Checking-in on older relatives at this time will brighten their day more than you might expect. Even if you are in isolation, you can stay connected to those you care about. Writing letters, sending cards, and other "old-school" forms of communication can help you to pass the time constructively. Who wouldn't be excited to receive a letter in the mail from a loved one?

2. Are you anxious because you can't see someone you care about right now? Thanks to modern-day technology, it is super easy to have a video chat to feel close to those who may be thousands of miles away. We are blessed to have communication methods that allow us to close the distance gap around the world. Now is the perfect time to learn how to use fun apps and gadgets that quickly connect you with loved ones you are worried about. If you are already a pro at long-distance communication, catch a housemate up to speed so that they can join in on the fun.

3. Stay busy! For those not working or in school anymore, you may find yourself with a surplus of free time to worry about life. Find hobbies that benefit your community or those who are struggling the most around the world. Whether you knit blankets for the homeless or bargain shop online for a local charity, you are bound to discover an activity that you can do from home that makes a positive difference to society. Helping those in need will also boost your mood and spiritual well-being (something that too many people neglect in times of chaos)!

ways to reduce stress ways to reduce stress

In summary, to effectively deal with high levels of stress, and learn how to calm down, it's essential to make sure you are in top form. Satisfying your life needs and keeping your mind busy will help you to win the battle against stress. Keep in mind that even stress management experts cannot dodge anxiety or panic 100% of the time.

how to calm down? how to calm down?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and are not sure where to turn, reach out to one of the compassionate spiritual advisors at Kasamba for further advice. Gifted advisors are available 24 hours a day who will help guide you through whatever life is tossing in your direction. No one can be expected to handle everything scary in life all on their own. A trustworthy advisor provides support in your journey to deal with stressful life problems- great or small.
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