Is he thinking about me?

Riley Mcgee
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

how to know early on if he's the one?how to know early on if he's the one?
When you have a love interest, it’s normal to wonder if you are on their mind as much as yours. Men can be difficult to read, and even though you spend significant amounts of time together, enjoy great conversations, have the same likes and dislikes, and feel a spark between you, you still may have no idea whether he is genuinely into you. Some men are more upfront with their feelings, while others struggle to express themselves. But even though you may find yourself being left in the dark, other thoughts are reflected in body language, behavior, and actions that signal whether the feelings are mutual. If you’re looking for the answers, these are the signs that someone is thinking about you.

signs someone is thinking about you?signs someone is thinking about you?

He’s genuinely happy around you

A smile says a thousand words, and a man who brightens up when he’s around you means he’s thinking about you often. When you are excited about someone and feel strongly towards them, you cannot help but show it on your face and body language. The effect they have on you can be much more profound than other people, and they also have the ability to inject positivity into your life. Not only is he probably thinking about you, but his excitement indicates that he’s falling in love with you.

He values what you tell him

Some men are too proud to take advice from others, but a clear sign to tell early on if he is the one is if he trusts you, takes your opinion seriously, and acts based on your input. You may have assumed your advice went unsolicited, but if he brings up specific details, it means he has actively listened to you, takes a deep interest in you, and believes you to be a wise, insightful, and strong individual. Better yet, if he relies on your opinion rather than doing what he wants, the romance could go the distance.

He remembers specific details about you

You may have told him something months ago. It could have been about your favorite dish, your guilty-pleasure tv show, or a childhood memory, but the point is that he remembers it. When someone takes an interest in the small details of your life, their curiosity peaks because they care about you. If your love interest recalls what you told him a month ago, chances are he likes you a lot.

signs someone is thinking about you?signs someone is thinking about you?

He opens up to you

Men can sometimes hide their feelings in order to maintain a tough exterior. If your love interest has lowered his walls and is honest and vulnerable with you, he is showing you that he feels comfortable and secure enough to trust you and unveil the real him. When he shows you his emotional side, he doesn’t see you as another person to have a surface-level or superficial relationship with. As for where you stand with him, it may be that he values your friendship and wants to start building a romantic connection with you, or he may be trying to understand you on a deeper level to gauge whether there could be potential for love.

He laughs a lot with you

Humor is increasingly important in relationships and is often the first sign of attraction between two people. Laughter and smiling establish a connection, create rapport, and initiate intimacy. If you can’t stop grinning around each other, it’s a strong sign that things are heading in the right direction. People tend to laugh more when they are happy around someone else, so if you’re making him laugh, you’re probably leaving a lasting impression.

signs someone is thinking about you?signs someone is thinking about you?

He wants to touch you

Some men are intensely physical beings and will crave holding you and finding any opportunity to get closer to you. Whether he can’t keep his hands off you or he’s being subtle and touching your hair, cheeks, and fingers, it’s apparent that he cannot stop thinking about you and expressing his affection for you in physical touch. If that’s his love language, you may be frustrated that he’s not the best at communicating over the phone and asking yourself whether he’s thinking about you, even though you don’t talk frequently, but the proof is displayed in the way he embraces you.

You spend most of your time together

If you’re looking for a sign of whether he’s thinking about you, consider how much time you spend together. If dates and quality time consume your schedule with him, he’s most definitely into you. If a man wants to spend time with you, he will, and he will move other obligations to be able to see you. If you’re on his mind, he will also think about how he can maximize his time with you and will devise creative ways to have daily interactions with you.

He’s consistent with communication

Consistent communication is a crucial indicator of interest in relationships. A man thinking about you will try to communicate with you by text message, social media, or phone call. If he wants to tell you about something that happened in his day, send you a funny meme on Instagram, or generally keep the conversation going, he is trying to nurture a connection with you.

signs someone is thinking about you?signs someone is thinking about you?

He compliments you

Compliments make you feel appreciated, respected, supported, and loved, and receiving them can draw you closer and strengthen your bond. If a man is interested in you, he will find small ways to compliment you. If your love interest is finding ways to compliment your looks, mind, and actions, it could be a sign he’s trying to catch your attention.

He tells you directly

Some men display many of the above signals, but others are more introverted or have an alternative way of externalizing their emotions. Looking for signs might give you a general idea of his feelings, but it will not tell you exactly what he’s thinking. The only way to know if he’s into you, thinking about you often, or falling in love with you is if he tells you. It can become all-consuming to unpick the situation internally, so asking your love interest what he’s thinking and if your feelings are mutual will give you a clear idea without any guessing games.
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