5 Reasons Why He’s Not Committing

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco

It doesn’t make sense to you, you’ve been seeing each other awhile and he’s always there, like clockwork - same place, same time - and yet, he won’t say he’s in this to win it. He won’t commit! After years of helping clients with their love issues through psychic readings, I can tell you that this is a common theme that comes up time and time again. Each relationship is unique, and tapping into what’s really going on with a psychic reading can give you powerful insight; however, there are some common reasons for lack of commitment that I would like to share with you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why he won’t commit and what you can do about it!

1. Three’s A Crowd
men not committing men not committing
There may be three of you in this union. You may, or may not, know that there is someone else in the mix. When this happens, commitment will be a slippery fish that jumps in and out of the boat that you’re on. It’s not an easy fix. The good news is that when there is a commitment from him to you, you can be assured that he’s cutting out the third slice of this sandwich. Getting there takes an unusual degree of determination, patience and could cost you a lot of self-confidence. It’s not hopeless, but there are no guarantees in a situation like this. Just be cautious, play it cool, and be very clear with him about what you want.
2. Who’s The Boss?
He could be overly picky or the type of person who likes things his way. He will tell you very directly how he feels, and has no problem saying to you that he won’t commit - he was clear from the get-go and there are no two ways about it. This type of relationship can feel like it will end badly, but it doesn’t have to. Commitment avoiding people need a certain amount of time to feel like they are in control. Once they get that time, they do tend to relax with the rules, show more love and appreciation for what you do, and will eventually listen to what it is that you want. When you have this kind of partner, patience wins the day. Brute strength should be left for later stages. Push too hard too soon, and you can lose it all. Wait long enough, and they can’t live without you.
3. Love Is Blind
I hate to say it. You may have fallen in love with someone who can’t, or won’t, give you what you want. Not quickly, easily or ever. For some us, in the early stages of loving and learning, we give our partners a lot more leeway than we should. We trust without questioning a thing. After a lot of heartbreak, the veil falls from our eyes and we see things more clearly. Now you need to decide if you want to keep investing in the rock star, wild spirit or to cut your losses, lick your wounds and try again? Maybe it’s time to close that story and make room for a new exciting one with someone who values you and your time.
4. Slow Down

Did you ever think that maybe, just MAYBE, you might be rushing things? It’s only been a day, a week or even a month or two. He might want to be sure, isn’t quite ready for something serious just yet, or is being cautious after a recent break up - and you might be rushing things. It happens. You can both be in tune, soulmates and everything, but you don’t understand the concept of free will. As much as you love one another, how you process feelings, thoughts and even events differs.

You might be a type “A” personality; you know what you want and when you want it. You might be more introspective and quiet, but this person gets you in a way that touches you down to the core of your soul. They may feel it exactly as you do. They just aren’t able to commit as fast as you’d like. That’s perfectly OKAY! Try to match their pace, allowing them to get more comfortable. Change things up, try a different approach, just don’t ever try to force the issue. It may not drive them away, but it will slow things down and result in both of you becoming frustrated. Cruise control is OK

5. True Love
True Love True Love

Believe it or not, true love can actually be (gasp!) a challenge. Some people aren’t ready for it, or can’t even imagine that it’s real and actually happening. They twist and turn, going left and right, avoiding it. He might be afraid of where it may lead and would almost rather not experience it. I did say almost! This may be the most real and authentic connection that he’s ever had, and that can be scary. Sometimes it feels like he was just abducted by aliens or something, as he tries to figure it out, looking for flaws and reasons why this can’t be real. Luckily, there are no drawbacks when it’s True Love, only happy outcomes. Eventually, he will figure it out and find his way, realizing who you are and accepting that this relationship is the best one yet. He’ll begin to believe that this is not too good to be true and accept that you’re everything that they ever wanted and hoped for.

Are you in a relationship where you’re baffled and asking yourself, “why won’t he commit?” I have helped countless people navigate each of these types of relationships by using my psychic abilities to see beyond the lack of commitment and reveal the true reason for it, and eventual outcome. This can save you a lot of heartache, worry, stress, and fighting. Every relationship provides the opportunity for growth, and although lack of commitment can be frustrating, with help from an experienced psychic advisor, you’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel without the emotional rollercoaster.

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