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Built to help you bring clients back for more sessions
You are promoted in a
whole new channel
  • You are featured on the App store and Google play!
  • You have your own page on the app, where your clients can get to know you better.
  • The first screen your clients see is “My advisors”, where they are encouraged to start a session.
App icon is displayed on
your client’s home screen
You are only a tap away. Making it as easy as possible to connect with you.
A new sleek design
providing an easy and fluent experience for your clients.
Top notch technology infrastructure
Premium performance in the app, loading time and stability.
Push Notifications
Push notifications are the strongest tool to bring clients back for more
sessions as it’s displayed on their phone in real time.
These top Kasamba features are now available on the app and will include
push notifications:
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