Walk the red carpet!
Be Featured On Our Marketing Activities
Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your clients? Establish more connections and get seen by our fans! Kasamba is giving you the opportunity to show-off your amazing skills and create awareness for your profile through a variety of exciting projects. We are giving our amazing advisors center-stage with amazing collaborations.
Get featured on our Instagram stories
Share a tip of the week
Make cool videos on TikTok
Make a guided meditation video for Youtube
Write articles and show-off your knowledge and passion
Host a Q&A on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter
Be part of our upcoming podcast series
Why is this good for me?
This is a great opportunity to show-off your skills! Also, our fans will be able to get a better idea of your personality. With any piece of content or campaign , we will always share your profile link so that fans can connect with you via our social channels and campaigns.
What do I need?
Depending on what you'd like to do, you will need a PC, a camera (good phone camera) , working microphone, and your gorgeous energy!
How Do I Sign Up?
Please reach out to our partner success managers at partner_success@kasamba.com - they will be happy to sign you up for your desired activity.
Will Someone Be In Touch?
Yes of course! Once you send an email with the activity you'd like to partake in, someone from our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.
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