by Astrology Expert, Ask Cristina

Happy Birthday Scorpio! It's an exciting time for you! Mercury is out of retrograde and things are happening in the communication area for Scorpio. Those projects that you are working on since the beginning of the year are finally coming to fruition. You can finally lift that veil from the past, dust off those cobwebs, and start anew. This year you are feeling your artistic finest, your problem solving energy is reaching to the stars. After a rough few months, the wheels of prosperity are turning in your favor. All your hard work has paid off. You can now take a moment to breathe because the rest of this year will go a little more smoothly.

If life is but a dream sweetheart, you might have been feeling the nightmare lately when it comes to relationships. But. Don't despair, all is not lost. You happen to be at this point in time at your most passionate, at your finest and on top of your game. You've discovered freedom with your newfound soul connection to yourself, and you finally know what you really want. You may have been through a few relationships, and this year may have been disappointing, but you'll manage to come out unscathed and with complete optimism.

Be prepared to attract a lot more social activity into your life. Friends of all genders. shapes and sizes will come into your life and bring a lot of laughter and also lead to the one you have been looking for. If you're in a relationship, you may be finding that as these next few weeks of November and December roll in, that you discover another level of passion with your partner. The new connection grows between you and the arguments of the past are definitely now in the past. The best thing in love is forgetting and forgiving. You will grow to trust one another just a little bit more. This doesn't mean that the relationship will always be rosy, it just means another level of love between you and that's not a bad thing. Want a more personalized birthday reading? Chat with an Astrology Expert NOW and get 25% OFF your session!

Finish what you started. It's time to look at everything you have going on in your life. You may have taken on too much. So it's best to prioritize. Take a look at what is the most important thing to do first. Then take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Your energy is best spent organizing. You can be a good organizer when you put your mind to it. You seem to be able to organize everyone else and they usually appreciate it.

Now is a good time to do some schmoozing with your boss or clients. Getting out as socializing is part of the whole work effort. Fortunately you are at your most charming and you are also very persuasive. These gifts will bring you more work and more money as well. Your mantra, or affirmation should be, "money comes easily and effortlessly to me." By the end of this year, you should have your debts under control as you'll be attracting more abundance into your life. Want a more personalized birthday reading? Chat with an Astrology Expert NOW and get 25% OFF your session!

You could decide to give somebody their walking papers either at work or at home. You may feel life is too short to put up with people who don't believe you or understand you. Cleaning your house emotionally and spiritually may be on the agenda for you.

Start balancing your personal goals along with those of other people. You try not to be a loner but you like your time alone. Try to balance that because you can look forward to a lot more interaction with people at work and with those you may meet in the future.

You can also look forward to a sizzling love life as the autumn comes to an end. Doors of opportunity are opening up in the year ahead. Someone may make you an offer you can't refuse. Want a more personalized birthday reading? Chat with an Astrology Expert NOW and get 25% OFF your session!