Numerology: What's In a Number?

Written By Expert SoulHearts – The Wizard Star

Numerology is both fun and can give you a better understanding of your nature. It's a great self-help tool for your spiritual toolbox. I find it uncanny how accurate numerology really is. So what exactly is it? Well, numerology is simply the vibrations and energy influence that numbers have on your life. Numbers can play significant roles, helping us to understand ourselves, from deciding which home may be best for us to personality matching within a relationship, and of course, helping discover our life path.

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There are core numbers, one being your "Birthday Number," (the day you were born) another your "Life Path Number." There are also "Expression" and even a "Heart's Desire Number" but it goes further than that -- you can even find lost objects with numbers or select a great name for your company as each letter of the alphabet has a value!

The Birthday Number:

The day you are born gives rise to what specific talent you are born with. Let us take a look at your Birthday Number. Don't worry; there is no math to do… just a brief look at the number's deeper meaning. For example, if you are born on the 5th, you probably love change, you want excitement and you like to travel. You have a quick mind, you are analytical and can be very physical (such as a hugger, cuddler). You're impulsive for sure and impatient, and since you crave to travel you can be bored and more restless than others, always wanting to explore!

Born on the 13th, you say? You are a practical person with a loving nature. You make a great manager/taskmaster and you're detail-oriented but you need to take time out to find more of your talents and perhaps work less -- taking time to "smell the roses" applies to the 13! Now, to illustrate the point further, let's explore the 26th birthday. Here we have a very self-confident soul, dependable, status-oriented, and you may want to show the world your new car, cottage, etc. And yes, the 26 has a tendency to be bossy! 26 keeps emotions well hidden, but we usually go to them for help as they are much the cornerstone of society. Money can come to them easily as well.

Lastly, if your birthday is on the 4th, let's look at the 4! The number 4, ah yes, the ethical 4. A focused soul, be it work or family, the kids or the dog, we love the 4 due to the fact that they are so reliable and steadfast, but look out as they can be stoic and rigid too!

Now onto our Life Path Number:

This number is vital and it receives its value by adding up the sum of your month, day of birth, and the year. For instance, if you were born April 13 1979, let's do the math. April = 4 since it's the fourth month; 13 = 4 as it is noted as 1+3 = 4. Then the year is always made to be the least single digit possible; in this case we come up with 8 as numerology goes from 1-9 in these cases (except for the Birthday Number going from 1-31) so we have 1979 is 1+9+7+9 = 26; 2+6 = 8.

This now is 4+4+8 which comes out to 16 and that is now 1+6, making this person’s Life Path Number a 7 (some call it your Destiny Number). The 7 represents great insight and loves to work alone, loving their own solitude. 7 can be a bit distant; intimacy may be a bit hard for the 7, but they also can be the life of a gathering, so the life challenge for a 7 is to not be so isolated or closed off and be a bit more open and flexible with others. The 7 is very spiritual, usually perceptive and very gifted but keeps their cards close to their chest. Blessed with good humor, they make awesome friends and are usually very successful; they make good leaders as well.

I hope this has helped illustrate a little of what Numerology can do. A trained Numerologist can help you discover the power in your own numbers, and help guide your future. Next time, we'll take a look at your House Number. Meanwhile, many blessings!

-- Your spiritual advisor Carlee, SoulHearts-TheWizardStar, numbers lady, medium and spiritual counselor.

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I've read and love your column. I was wondering if you can see any happiness in my future -- not just love, life in general as it's not been that great. I'm a single mum of three kids. They are my life -- I live and breathe for them but they are the only good thing that I've had in my life. I'm just wondering if you can see things easing a bit and me just little bit happy.

Thank you. --Ashley M

Blessings Ashley!

Thank you so much for reading my column and for mentioning it. You are very kind, which shows me your light and who you are in this lifetime and what you are offering the world with your gifts. You get so busy that you forget sometimes how fabulous you are. With three children there is not a lot of time to get out and socialize enough to attract new people in your life. But you are pretty good about making time if you need to. And of course I'm not talking about going to clubs or honky-tonks to find someone, but just having the time to breathe and enjoy your life is key to attracting love into your life.

First, I must say that I see you as a wonderful mother, and your children are growing to be outstanding people because of you. You say they are your life, but you are their radiant example of what love is and because of you they will be great contributors to the community.
You ask if things will ease a bit and if you'll be a little bit happy. I looked at this question and realized that what you have, good health, strength, a wonderful family has made you more than a little bit happy. But I totally understand that you deserve more, an adult companion, someone on your level to enjoy the little joys and pains of life. And that will come in time. I feel you are still healing from a past breakup and working on becoming you again. Life has been hard but you are up for the task and handling it extremely well.

You won't be alone forever, I see you growing old with someone. He will come when you least expect it. But most importantly he will come into your life when you are you again and feeling right with your life such as it is. You put so much love into the world that it is inevitable it comes back to you. Remember gratitude for the love you have now will only bring more real love into your life.

God bless you and your family always. I pray for your continued happiness. XO Namaste

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