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" He will be back,
do not go back with him,
I warn you."
A great psychic advisor can help you see the difference between misleading emotions and a true spiritual connection.

Here’s the story of a woman who faced separation and managed to turn her heart's wish around, with the help of one of our top psychics.

Read her story:

“I spoke to Mrs. Donna in 2011 for the first time, I registered on Kasamba few days after a separation.

I was trying to find someone who could give me an answer to a situation that is so classic and typical: a heartbroken breakup.

Actually, I was trying to find someone who could tell me: "Do not worry, he will be back."

That was what I wanted to hear.

It was a painful separation, the situation totally depressed me. When I chose to speak to Donna, she asked me my name and date of birth, and immediately she wrote: I see a breakup. A bad breakup. A bad relationship.

"He will be back, do not go back to him, I warn you," Donna told me.

This was not what I was hoping to hear but she gave me an honest answer.

I had to ask her more to verify her accuracy. “What is it with his ex-wife?” I asked. “They are fighting,” She answered.

I was impressed by what she said about his ex-wife, it was true. Regardless of her honest answer, I was mostly very glad she told me that he would actually be back.

A few months later, he still had not returned. I contacted Mrs. Donna again she said: "He's dating someone now. A skinny woman. This won't last. She will cheat on him."

Discouraged by the news, I thought she was wrong.

I kept talking to Donna, I loved her sense of humor. She also predicted many important events in my professional life: promotions, travel, book, etc. But he still did not return.

In 2012, I decided not to talk to Mrs. Donna anymore. I thought she was wrong. I was angry, or maybe mostly frustrated.

It was now July 2014. All of a sudden, my ex wrote me a long email. He told me about his life after our separation. About the skinny girlfriend who cheated on him (!!) He wanted to see me again.

I was in shock.

I signed in to Kasamba immediately and I found Mrs. Donna who was happy to see me back and she said: "But I told you so!"

I didn’t know what to do now. I have not forgotten what she told me back in 2011:

"He will be back, do not go back
with him,
I warn you."

Delicately, Donna told me to make a decision only after he and I meet. I wanted to work it out this time.

But I soon found that he has not changed at all. He was not reliable.

Very patiently, Donna made me understand that he is not the right person for me.

Today, I am totally out of this relationship thanks to Mrs. Donna. I now regularly talk to Donna for other reasons: work, health, and anything else that comes up.

Donna keeps predicting my work situation accurately, and she is helping me a lot with a health issue. I know she is right. As always."

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