"I rely upon
psychic guidance
for work."

No workplace is without difficult people. They come in every variety and sabotage harmony in different ways. An insightful psychic can help you navigate your work environment with better people-skills, enjoy each day and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Here’s the story of how one woman relies on a top Kasamba psychic for her career choices and beyond.

Read the story in her own words.
"I am a finance professional who travels 60% of her time, managing projects with finances over 25 million dollars. I am used to being in charge and making decisions.

My colleagues would not guess I rely upon psychic guidance in my line of work and in my life, but I do.

With so many decisions about projects and even in my dating life, I have to have my finger on the pulse of what is going on around me.

The right psychic gives me that edge.

Chrisalis guides me through the nuances within relationships with bosses and navigating the politics of power shifts in my business helping me to stay successful, so I am able to do the best job I can while avoiding inevitable pitfalls.

Time off

For several months Chrisalis advised me to take some time to myself in September because October was going to be extremely busy with work. Throughout September she continued asking if I was taking “me” time and resting because I needed to take it easy in September as something big was coming to for me workwise in October. At the end of September I was offered a high profile job involving the travel and relocation she predicted.

New Job

Chrisalis described my new colleagues, giving me personality traits. She warns me of potential explosive situations at work alongside things to watch out for. As she likes to say “forewarned is forearmed” and if anything negative is coming up I have the choice to side step it or take another course of action.

The edge

If a management team is going to be a problem or if I need to double and triple check my work, she lets me know what to keep my eye out for. This has helped me on several occasions in identifying problems that may have been overlooked.

She predicted I would need to “travel at the drop of a hat” to overseas cities with this job. I am travelling to Europe in January for a few months and then on to other countries which is all in line with what she had predicted.

She is my strength in a world where I have to be strong and decisive.

Chrisalis is there for me at Kasamba giving me extra confidence to take the next risk. She is someone upon whom I can rely when I must be sure.”

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