"She helped me
true happiness
to my life."

Moving on from an unhealthy relationship can be a challenge. A wise psychic can help you see what you can’t see and pave the way for a healthy emotional future.

Here’s the story of how one Kasamba psychic did just that for a client — a single woman in her 30s.

Client’s story, in her own words:
“I was going through a tough time in my life regarding romance. I felt like the advisors I picked before Spirit Amy gave me general readings along with their feelings. I knew I wanted both honesty and compassion, and before Spirit Amy I hadn't found the right psychic for me.

For example, I was told to hang on to a guy who was selfish and had multiple relationships with other women. I was told he would grow out of it and marry me in the long term. So I seriously believed that I needed to focus on the end-result rather than the present.

I was hurting because it wasn't making sense.

I had to step out on faith and find someone else. I almost gave up on finding a truthful advisor who knew her stuff. I started praying for the truth and peace of mind. Then I began scrolling through advisors. I wanted someone who I felt was not just a reader but someone who was warm and I felt comfortable talking with.

I came across Spirit Amy by seeing her reviews and I thought I would take a chance and see if she was all that her clients said she was. I read for hours the most beautiful and honest reviews. So I decided to give her a try. But I was nervous going into a session with her! Now 5 years later and many laughs shared between us, I have never regretted this decision. She helped me introduce true happiness to my life.

Spirit Amy gave me the most honest reading I have ever had.

She told me my guy was a user and a loser, that he had a very selfish side where he could not step out of his own way. That the one person he looks out for in life is HIM. I knew it was the truth; I had felt that side of him many times.

Spirit Amy did not tell me to break up with the guy. She gave me the facts and the guidance, but it was of course up to me to make that ultimate decision. She helped me to see that I needed to put me first and accept what the universe had for me.


Had I not paid attention to my sessions with her, I would still be holding on to a man who only wanted to use me and didn’t care if I was alive or dead. My process of letting go was hurtful because this guy had promised me marriage and kids and I had fallen hard for all that. I had deep love for him.

AFTER looking around at my life I realized that I needed more than empty promises. I needed to pay attention to the actual actions as Spirit Amy told me. So following those guides and looking at the actions as the proof, I slowly weaned myself off this guy.

I learnt that by keeping him in my life I was blocking all the potential suitors that could give me what I needed. So I put on my big girl panties and moved on. I told him he did not love me but that it was okay. I loved myself and I wanted more and he could not give it to me, so I moved on.

Amy’s guidance, compassion and honesty helped me find my light again.

Spirit Amy told me I would meet someone else, someone who is the right match for me. That he will be slow but is worth the wait. That he is not wired like the last guy. That he is someone with heart and caring (but of course, not perfect). He IS slow but it’s a nice change of pace and I have learned that I need to trust in the flow of what the universe has for me. I met this guy and he is everything Amy predicted. I am head over heels with my feelings for him.

I never thought I could feel this way for someone else.

He takes his time to get to know me and he is not rushing into anything or making any promises he cannot keep. Well, I had an issue with that but Amy helped me to see a hurried bird does not build a good nest. Words can’t describe how much we are both learning from each other and how encouraging we are to each other.

I don't even think about my past guy at all; it’s as if he never existed.

My new guy doesn't make me promises that he cannot keep. He is honest. He tells me the truth. He is not shady; he is very genuine. He tells me, “I won’t just make a promise; I will show you,” and he does. That's what I appreciate about him. He also makes me feel beautiful every time he takes time to admire and compliment me and he hugs me. When we spend time with each other, it’s as if no one else exists. With the other guy it was always about him. Spirit Amy did tell me all this to so it’s slowly but surely coming into fruition.

In my opinion, Spirit Amy is the best Kasamba has.

I appreciate Miss Amy for all the guidance, love, compassion and honesty she brings to the readings. I love her and that is why I come to her.”

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