How my life
changed with
the right psychic
A great psychic advisor can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even when the tunnel seems endless.

Here’s the story of how one woman who lost her husband and battled cancer went from darkness into daylight, with the help of one of our top psychics.

Read her story below:

“Before I came to Kasamba, I was trying to find out what was taking place in my life. I no longer had the drive I used to have. I was broken and alone. I had cut off everyone from my life and drifted back into my dark bedroom.

A few years back I was hit hard, which brought me to my knees.

I was a mother of four, battling colon cancer. I had recently lost my husband of twenty years, in a matter of fifteen minutes, to a sudden heart attack that came without any warning.

I found myself to be a 39-year-old widow who lost almost everything. I grieved lying on my couch for almost a year.

I had to push myself in order to help my children get through the pain.

I searched for anyone who could help me with answers to what was going on in my life. I can't even tell you how much money I spent on trying to find that one answer.

I do know that there are gifted people out there,

People who are real with their ability to give you the truth and guidance you need. And, of course, you have the ones out there who take people’s weakness and abuse it.

Now I can admit it.

Months ago I was hurt, embarrassed, and full with regrets. From the time my husband passed away I had spent so much money - money I didn't have.

I was searching for that ONE answer

I was promised that they could help me gain back control of my life. I came across Kasamba and decided to give my question one last chance, because I still didn't get that one answer.

At first I was a little hesitant. Then I met Immense Spark. Wow! The first reading! I thought, “Yes, she’s going to give me what I am looking for. ”She has a remarkable gift! I was so used to the “you giving all the information away and them telling you what you wanted to hear.”

It was different with Immense Spark.

She asked for names and birthdates, and that was it. She began telling me about what was going on in my life.In addition, she has a very warm and comforting vibe. She is truly a blessed soul. My experiences from online live chat meeting with her have really been valuable and genuine.

Today, I can say I found my guide through life.

I’ve found my strength and drive. I am able to take care of my kids and myself, and pull us out of the black hole.

Today I only have one psychic in my Favorites and of course it's her. When you have a bad day, need clarification about something, someone to turn you back towards the right direction, or to just put your mind at ease… She’s my girl!

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