Psychic Jobs Online!

Do you have a natural talent for psychic reading, astrology, fortune telling, tarot or other spiritual gift? It's time to make that gift pay off with a job as a psychic consultant online. Thousands of clients are searching for answers to questions of love, relationships, health, career and destiny, and they need your help! If you're a spiritualist who can give psychic readings online, there are moneymaking psychic jobs online waiting for you. Do you know all about soul mates? Are you a skilled psychic or astrologer? Can you cast runes, see the future or read auras and crystals? Do you know the tarot like the back of your hand? Let your clients find you over the internet, while you set your own schedule, work at home as much or as little as you want, and set your own fees. And the best part is, Kasamba does all the marketing for you! Choose to chat online, via email, or take your clients on the go with Voice Connect. Any way you choose, it's a great way to make your online psychic career start earning big.

How does it work?
When you sign up as one of Kasamba's Psychic Advisors, you'll be asked to create an online profile where you can show off your qualifications, experience, specialties and any other information you'd like people looking for psychic advice to know about you. Decorate your profile in any way you like to show off your unique personality and gifts. Then pick how you prefer to connect with your clients (chat, voice, email, or all three) and upload a photo so advice-seekers can get to know you. Your profile will appear in the list of available Psychic Advisors, and people can search for you by your specialty or keyword, rating, and per-minute rate. The more you're online, the more clients will find you!
Registration costs just $50, and you'll be in great company with some of the top online psychics around the world, on one of the best-known and best-loved platforms for psychic connections. Our private Expert forums are a great place to talk with other spiritual advisors and make friends who share your psychic gift. And at Kasamba, our customer service and marketing teams are always there to support you and help you succeed in your psychic career online.
So sign up, and you'll soon be speaking with your clients via instant online chat, email, or using Kasamba's Voice Connect feature while you work from home. Best of all, Kasamba has a large member base and is part of a public company that can be trusted to pay on time and provide support.

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  • Love & Relationships
  • New Age Spirituality
  • Numerology, Occult
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