Psychic Spotlight of the Week : Jennifer W

professional background

How long have you been an advisor on Kasamba?

I've been an advisor on Kasamba for 9 years; since March of 2005.

What is your area(s) of expertise?

My strongest area of expertise is the ability to sense when someone is being honest with you, and if they are a great match. I am primarily a love and relationship psychic.

How did you discover you have special talents?

I have had the gift of second sight since I was about 3 years of age. I could always tell when someone was lying, and then I started to have prophetic dreams as I grew older.

Did someone or something help you focus on special talents? If so, who or what?

I am also a Tarot Master. I was taught to read the cards starting at age 13, by an established reader from London, UK. She was a good friend to my mother, and she took notice of my psychic gifts.

When did you feel the strongest spiritual connection?

Whenever I am near water; and the interesting thing is that it doesn't matter where the water is. It could even be my own bath. I am an Aquarius, and it makes sense to me, as my star sign is the water bearer.

personal information

What is your life motto?

"Live and let live"

Do you have any pets? If so what kind(s)?

I would love to have pets, and most especially a cat or two, but sadly I am allergic to them.

What is your biggest fear?

I am an empath, and because of this psychic gift, I am sometimes overwhelmed by crowds of people. It is occasionally terrifying, as I can hear their thoughts. It brings on a feeling of being trapped, and this is why it is healthy for me to isolate myself in a quiet place, after being surrounded by people, traffic, and the like.

What is your greatest achievement?

When I hear back from someone I've helped, and they tell me that my psychic reading changed their life for the better. I am incredibly happy when my clients are happy, and this is the truth. I love to help others.

What country were you born in?

United States of America

What country do you live in now?

United States of America

Who was your role model growing up and why?

Anyone who was truthful, kind-hearted, and who would help others in need; decent and caring folks. This world can be a harsh place, and to know that there are still good people out there is what has always meant the most to me. It still gives me so much hope, to this day.

If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

I would go to a quiet island in the Caribbean, and shut off my mobile phone for a week. I'd swim in the translucent blue water, and just soak in the calming energy of nature around me. Gorgeous!

What is your favorite color?

I have three: Red, Pink, and Blood-Orange

Recent client reviews

Jen is my rock. Without her I really would have no sanity. Thanks for being there for me all the time.. charge or no charge.

- Manifesto

Love Jen! She saves me from so many bad guys, I am so grateful!!!! She is so accurate in what she senses, it is crazy!

- Sharone

WoW! Incredible! Jennifer is very accurate with predictions and situations panning out. Very precise with descriptions of people, Compassionate, super fast typist, predictions come to pass. highly recommend!

- melody24

I think Jennifer is the best reader on this site. She is kind, honest, generous and most of all, she is ACCURATE!!. What she told me in my 2 previous readings all turned out to be true. thank you Jennifer!

- vancouver.rain

She is amazing. I have been asking her about people for quite awhile now and she is ALWAYS right.

- tiger

I really like her. The fact that she cares more about the person than the money. When I was running out, she would help out with freebies which helped to sort things out in my head. She is my favorite now. IF whatever she says is right,will be coming back to her again.


she is my friend. she gives me support. she is unwavering. she is honest. love her dearly.

- babymook

Always ethical and honest and tells the truth in EVERY situation. Thank you Jenn!!! xoxoxo

- ems77