Psychic Spotlight of the Week : Joelle

professional background

How long have you been an advisor on Kasamba?

I have been with Kasamba for the last 10 years.

What is your area(s) of expertise?

I specialize in love, career business and other matters of the heart and spirit.

How did you discover you have special talents?

I discovered my abilities when I saw a vision of the passing of my grandparents. I knew exactly how they were going to pass and even new exactly the order of their passing. It actually got me a bit freaked out but when it was time what i saw about them actually came to pass.

Did someone or something help you focus on special talents? If so, who or what?

I was born with my abilities. It is possible that after my brain surgery when I was a baby that I was moreo open to the connection. I am very different psychic advisor because I have the ability to be a light trance medium which I dio naturally. I actually went under study in a spiritual church here in San Diego and took classes to understand my own abilities more where I am certified in all my work.

When did you feel the strongest spiritual connection?

Sleep is so important to me! As long as I get enough rest I am ready to go to provide the service I need to my clients. I love doing light trance readings because my guides do all the work. It reserves my energy for back t back readings.

personal information

What is your life motto?

"Create The Magic In your life! You have the power to manifest anything you want."

Do you have any pets? If so what kind(s)?

Yes I have owned all sorts of pets from my family home, from cats, dogs, fish, turtle, hamster, and birds... Currently I have two cats Tigger and Yuna which are a matching pair of 6 toes with their front paws! And yes they are brother and sister when I got them. I also have dog named Danger she is all white and fluffy a American Eskimo which I adore :)

What is your biggest fear?

Success! I never know how far I can go but the upside to this is I have grown improved my life and have noticed that love only gets better and I proud of where I am today.

What is your greatest achievement?

I was told I be a psychic reader by the time I was 30 years old and run my own business. At first, I didn't want to believe it because my heart was into teaching children at school. Over time, I found out I was making more money doing psychic readings over being a elementary school teacher that I quite my job and make the decision to run my psychic business by the time I was 28... not only was the prediction right but its been the best achevement I have done and the best decision i have ever made. I wouldnt be where I am today if I didnt make that choice. I feel so blessed for everything I have as I work hard to keep creating the things I want in my life.

What country were you born in?

United States of America

What country do you live in now?

United States of America

Who was your role model growing up and why?

I would say Miss.Walter and Mrs.Gately two teachers that gave me encourage to be who I am today and actually inspired me to be a teacher in real life.

If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

Japan! I love Japan I want to see the Cherry Blossom bloom and be able to take pictures of it . Also I am a big anime fan and I love video games playing so would love to go to japanese anime and video game.

What is your favorite color?


Recent client reviews

Joelle was fantastic. Knew the person I was asking questions about in great detail. I was very very impressed. Thank you!

- gman23

Really specific, looked at relationship from many angles, reminded me to stay grounded. Fast typer. I felt great about the reading.

- Emily

Joelle is simply amazing! Her insights and readings gave insight to something I never knew about myself or how to handle something that I was having issues. She is so good at what she does. A+

- aldo.notes

Love this lady! Hit the nail on the head with so many points it was ridiculous...You'r e making a mistake if you hire anyone else but her!

- SweetCherry

Excellent connection! Accurately read situation and individuals in my life. Great reading.

- LeVi77

Joelle is great! She is so upbeat and friendly. She definitely tuned into my relationship and helped me understand what he was really thinking.

- User_m5ptk5

Loved my reading... Everything was true to the point... Thanks, Joelle

- Iris

Accurate, friendly, stated things so I could understand them. I will surely be back!

- Melinda1988