Psychic Spotlight of the Week : Madam Mindseye777

professional background

How long have you been an advisor on Kasamba?

I have been with Kasamba for the past 2 years.

What is your area(s) of expertise?

I specialize in Spiritual and Religion and I am an expert reader and adviser in - Love Relationship Family Health Career Business Healing Aura Reading and Financial

How did you discover you have special talents?

I was born gifted.

Did someone or something help you focus on special talents? If so, who or what?

I Came to know about my gifts at my childhood. God helps me to focus on my special powers and gifts. I thought it is my purpose of life.

When did you feel the strongest spiritual connection?

I feel a strong spiritual connection all the time, but sometime when i feel sad and low with my energies then i take a little break. If i am online that means i am well charged with energies and that is the point where i feel myself strong enough to connect with spiritual connection.

personal information

What is your life motto?

To Become a Famous Expert

Do you have any pets? If so what kind(s)?

Earlier i used to have Cat - Her name "Rani"

What is your biggest fear?

Closing My eyes One Day Forever.

What is your greatest achievment?

Helping clients.

What country were you born in?


What country do you live in now?


Who was your role model growing up and why?

My Grandma Who passed and Now my mother.

If you could take your dream vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

I would like to take a dream vacation on the moon and would like to build a wonderful house with the other few humans.

What is your favorite color?


Recent client reviews

AMAZING!! I could have listened to you all day! So hopeful things work out as said. THank you so much for your time and energy!


Great insight, a lot of information and insight into my questions..hope it all comes true.


honestly, she is better than all the high ranked combined and alot cheaper. She is true. The high rankers are con artists. All the ones you see at the top like the first ten or 15. Stay away from. This reader was legit not a con artist and i know that by things she said.


thanks for an amazing picture reading. all that u said were true.. and thankyou for confirming and giving me reassuarance about what i really need to work on.


thankyou so much madam mindseye u have given me soooo much hope and many things to look forward to.. you are incredably insightful and clear.and concise.., fantastic reading... thanks again.


Wow, outstanding!! Thanks a lot for your help and support. I am looking forward to stay in touch for future psychic reading as the one performance on romance and love life for me on 2014. Again thanks!!


Excellent and detailed response! Highly satisfied.


She is awesome and answers the questions with detail at an appropriate price. There are so many on this site who play games, accost clients and do all maner of games and tricks but not her. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!