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Communicate with your deceased loved ones to get answers and feel closer to them. Our psychic mediums can help you connect with the world beyond and your loved ones who are now in spirit. Get help from a psychic medium online today!
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A Quick Guide to Psychics and Psychic Mediums

  • Mental Mediumship.The psychic medium uses senses that are beyond the range of our five senses. These are called: clairaudience (spiritual vision), clairvoyance (spiritual hearing), clairsentience (spiritual feeling) and clairempathy (deep empathy).

    Using these clair-senses, the psychic medium receives messages from your loved one and conveys them to you. These are generally deeply personal messages such as words unsaid in life, messages of gratitude and love, regrets, or sometimes even advices.
  • Channeling.The psychic medium allows a spiritual individual enter his aura and then body. It is a friendly takeover. The incoming spirit is known, such as your departed relative, friend or lover, and generally has a strong reason to want to connect with you during your reading. The psychic medium may also channel your spirit guides - teachers in spirit who are assigned to us before birth, to guide us in life and who are with us at all times.
  • The right psychic for you -With us, you get to choose your own psychic advisor. How? See next question.

  • Mentally
    • Get ready to give your psychic medium short answers. Your medium may ask you if you have a departed relative with a certain look, profession, or personality. Just say “yes,” “no,” or, “not sure.”
    • Be flexible. If your psychic medium tells you he sees your loved one in a soldier’s uniform, saying, “Actually, he was a pilot in the army,” won’t help. Be okay with small differences in details, as messages from beyond are interpreted through the medium’s clair-senses.
  • Emotionally.
    • It is a deep, meaningful experience to reconnect with those that are most important to you, especially after recent loss. The messages that come through may move you. Remember, it’s okay to get emotional.
    • Get ready to open your Pandora’s Box. You may experience a range of emotions, some you haven’t felt in a long time perhaps. You may reconnect with a loved one after decades, and you may be surprised by how your feelings are still very much alive.
  • Spiritually.
    • Open your heart and your departed loved ones will feel this openness. When they do, they will want to connect with you more. They may then say to you things they couldn’t before. Just breathe into your heart and stay open.
    • View your reading as an opportunity to learn things about the spiritual world. Relax, knowing that your loved ones are always there for you. Love is bigger than what your eyes can see. Love is eternal.