Using Mindful Intent Practices to Help Enrich Your Life & Relationships

Little Walela
Expert psychic reader / Specializes in love & relationship readings / Natural born clairvoyant
Expert psychic reader / Specializes in love & relationship readings / Natural born clairvoyant

mindfulness exercisesmindfulness exercises

What Is Mindfulness?

This is probably something you've heard about and may be asking what exactly is mindfulness? Being mindful is to focus on the here and now. When you eat, do you really taste the food you are consuming? When you visit a park, are you listening to the sounds of nature?Being mindful is not easy to perfect, it’s something that takes a lot of practice. It really is like an art, but once you can get it right, it opens up a lot of wonderful feelings and eliminates anxiety, fear, and confusion. Carry on reading to get the lowdown on various mindfulness exercises for groups such as anxiety, self-love and more!

How Does Mindfulness Impact Your Life?

Think about it this way, when you are setting up intentions in your life and relationships, you have to be mindful of your own thoughts, feelings, focus, and attitude. These factors can have an overall effect on any given situation and will also reflect why a person reacts to you in a certain way. However, when you are working with mindful intent you are focusing on the now and not focusing on the outcome. Conversely, if you focus only on the serious natured aspects, it will rob the natural flow and become self-sabotaging. This is because impatience and resentment start taking over. You start feeling like you are wasting time, but then also if something is not going the way that you expect it to, then you tend to build a wall out of an emotional response as a way to protect yourself from being disappointed or hurt. Yet we are still hurting ourselves in the same process as the ego of our mind's voice begins to take over and feed into our own negative thinking, fears, and insecurities. This is where we have to learn to understand that the higher the wall, the more a person cannot safely come to us nor learn how to love us properly.

mindfulness exercises for groupsmindfulness exercises for groups

Division of tasks

When miscommunication occurs, it becomes a major roadblock. Once you've come to standstill, you start applying pressure and forgetting about being mindful that it is not all about you, your wants, and your needs, as there is another party involved (party could be work situation, financial, person of interest, etc). This is also where we have to learn to lay down our double edge sword and stop battling what is trying to be taught through lessons and experiences yet gain knowledge and evolve into a broader perspective of awareness. If you are trying to work everything the same way as you always have and nothing is working, then try being mindful, in order to gain a different perspective. Nine out of ten times, we are basically just repeating patterns that will consequently have the same outcome . Why? Because we refuse to change our beliefs, ideas, and conclusions to try something new as we fear the unknown. Fear is just an illusion that leads to a lot of anxiety and depression with a whole level of unhappiness found within. This is why I am writing this article- to provide some mindfulness exercises to help enrich your life & relationships. So, that you can finally reach the outcome that you desire, but also lead you to your soul purpose.

mindfulness exercises for anxietymindfulness exercises for anxiety

Mindfulness Exercises for Self-Love

Creating A Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is where you can reflect on yourself by using self-care techniques such as guided meditations, reiki, and yoga. It also helps you reflect on the way you think and believe how a situation should be or person should act. Is it realistic or are you projecting certain conditional beliefs or expectations that causes you to be closed off more from the situation and from seeing any potential or silver lining? Other examples, "Why doesn't he or she love me the way I want?" or "When will he or she start giving me more?" When these thoughts linger, it is time for you to personally reflect on yourself, from childhood up through adulthood. You have to look at what makes you think the way you do. Is it out of resentment from someone else who has hurt you or years of hurt and pain caused by others that is filtering into this situation or relationship? Why are you so hard on yourself and why have you become hard on others as well? Emotional and mental blocks keep a person from progressing and moving forward in their situations and relationships. It also leads to a lot of selfish behaviors and never gives the other person involved a chance to really grow with you because you are not loving yourself the way you need nor trying to find out what is triggering certain thoughts and conclusions before anything truly happens. Like the old saying goes, what you put out into the universe is what you receive back in return!

“I Am” Mantra Exercise

This is more of a positive affirmation type exercise. Take 5 minutes from your day to say these positive affirmations. I am enough. I am love. I am prosperous. I am one with the universe. I am surrendering. I am of compassion.

mindfulness exercisesmindfulness exercises

Forgiving Yourself & Others

A mindful intent practice in loving yourself and giving more to yourself in terms of letting go and surrendering to the process is the act of forgiving yourself for the way your life has been. However, you also have to forgive others who have hurt you too. Not for them, but for yourself so that you can move on in a more peaceful and abundant way so that repeated negative emotional patterns will stop filtering into the next situation or relationship. It is the only way to break free from resentment, regret, hatred, and other hurtful emotions.

Mindfulness Exercises For Anxiety & Depression

We always want control! We always have a need to control things yet we cannot always do so as we are fighting what the universe has in store for us. This leads to a range of unhappy emotions; such as anxiety & depression. Anxiety is caused by fear of the unknown. Depression is caused by having too many expectations and trying to set things in stone. Because of the need to be in control, we don't understand certain aspects in life that need the capability to be flexible, because you have to be in alignment in the 3rd dimension & 5th dimension for a natural flow. Not letting situations occur naturally brings on more emotional and mental stress than we need. Here are some mindfulness techniques that can help with anxiety and depression and ground you back to the present:

mindfulness exercises for depressionmindfulness exercises for depression

Tapping Exercise

This is one of the best mindfulness exercises for anxiety. Tap on certain pressure points with the beat of your heart while taking in deep breaths until the anxiety or anxious feeling subsides.

Believe You Can Achieve

Feeling a little down? This is regarded as one of the best mindfulness exercises for depression. Have faith in yourself to achieve but also trust in your guides and Spirit as they know what is for your highest good before you do as a way to surrender your own free will so you won't over-think nor try to overly control situations and others that causes stress and anxiety to form.

Create A Clear Plan For Success

Knowing what you want in a simple and selfless manner is a great mindfulness-based stress reduction exercise. Stress is something that not only can consume your mental health but also your physical health. It’s good to know what you want and aim to pursue your goals.However, it’s important to note that things are not set in stone. Plans will never follow through as you'd think it will be; plans change with what life is currently offering you in the now to help you evolve in each experience. Stay committed and motivated no matter the storms that test your strength and will. Also be committed and motivated to learn how to be more open minded and open hearted to see things from all directions than preconceived ideas.

mindfulness-based stress reduction exercisesmindfulness-based stress reduction exercises

Write Down Your Ideas And Plan Of Action

Keep a diary of all your goals, ambitions, wishes, and desires. Write your ideas everyday and take time to really focus on what you really want, how you will go about achieving your goals. The important thing to remember is to keep in mind that things may deviate off track, and focusing on the end-goal is a great mindfulness technique that will help prevent your mind from being preoccupied by the little things that can go wrong.

quick mindfulness exercisesquick mindfulness exercises

Bring About Positive Energies

As you can see mindfulness can bring in a lot of positive energies with new coping skills to help in all areas of your life. It helps open the door to enlightenment, because it also allows your guides to work for you and through you easier as you awaken with the natural flow from the blocks that were removed through the mindful intent practices. Use the above mentioned quick mindfulness exercises to focus on the here and now and what really matters.

Bright Blessings!
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