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Expert psychic reader / Specializes in love & relationship readings / Natural born clairvoyant

what is energy healing? what is energy healing?
As a Reiki Practitioner, which is a form of being an energy healer, I do feel that energy healing is good for the mind, body, and spirit as we are made up of matter from the universe's molecules. Any type of energy work is beneficial because it helps keep you aligned in your chakras, yet also clears any unwanted energies, emotions, and blocks out of the way within your primary energy systems. You may ask what is energy healing? Energy healing is an alternative practice where the physical body inherits the ability to heal itself once activated or manipulated through channeling the natural flow of energy within the body - the good news is we are all gifted with universal energies. There are many types of energy healings which are very basic and can be used every day for self-care and self-love once you have attuned yourself into doing the techniques or with a certified Practitioner. However, there are also more extensive methods in energy healing therapies that are done more by Shamans and/or Kinesiologists/Doctors.

how does energy healing work? how does energy healing work?


Some types of energy healing techniques are Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tai Chi, and Guided Meditations.

Reiki is the transfer of universal energies from the practitioner to their client, either by the palms of the hands or through a distance approach in meditation. It helps to remove stagnant energies from the emotional and physical self. However, it can manipulate the aura and other primary energy systems as well to remove blocks and realign or reset your chakras. It is also good to do Reiki at least every 3 or 4 weeks to help you maintain the proper balance and striving in your own journey.

Crystal Healings are similar to Reiki, because you use Reiki energies with the crystals to enhance the healing, but also because of the protectiveness from the negative energies that are being removed from the client. Crystals do vibrate certain energetic frequencies and help ground and root you to Mother Earth energies. It's basically helping you to become one with Gaia (Mother Earth). Some basic crystals are quartz which provides protection and clearing of energies. Rose quartz is good for self-love and to bring a soft loving vibration into your heart chakra. Angelite for your crown and third eye chakras to help clear or remove blocks from you so that you can hear or see signs from your guides. Moonstone is a protective stone and good for communications, so say if your throat chakra is blocked and you had a fight with a loved one,this is the stone for you to work with as you also give that person a part of a moonstone to help end the fight and bring balance but understanding back into the situation. Black Tourmaline helps ground and root, but also provides protection. Carnelian is a good one for the sacral chakra to help align and decrease intimacy issues.

Tai Chi is a martial art form of stretching exercises that is done with mindful intentions. It improves balance and flexibility, helping you rebuild your center core or Chi, but overall it is called motion meditation and it promotes serenity within.

Guided meditations are using spoken instructional and peaceful sounds to help calm the mind's voice. It helps to guide you away from your problems of the day or feeling heavy as if you are floating, but it also provides a visionary of energy transfer or a vocal point in the scene that is being created for self-love and self-healing. Guided meditations are good to do once a day, every day to cleanse, clear, and reboot from daily life.

types of energy healing types of energy healing


Here are a few types of energy healing therapies that you might find interesting. A lot of times, we push ourselves and our physical bodies to where they are just drained of energy and then we lack motivation, or what some people call the drive, and we lose the natural flow of what we need in ourselves to continue on our own journey. We become extra stressed and overly impatient and then we become imbalanced in mind, body, and spirit. We also have what we call Kundalini Energies that build up. Kundalini Energies are partly what starts breaking us down when we meet our Twin Flame or Fated Divine Counterpart, because it is preparing us for our awakening to become one with Spirit. As our Kundalini Energies increase and coil around our center or core like a snake, the Chi,as it rises higher, we can become grumpy, uncertain, fearful, and we experience a lot of emotional turmoil like crying for no reason, to second guessing things, and even physical pain.

Yoga or Kundalini Yoga helps with posture and grounding.egular yoga goes along with chanting, meditating, and breathing techniques while working on posture movements. Kundalini Yoga is bringing you to your true authentic self, either as a divine masculine or a divine feminine. Kundalini Yoga also brings the energy up through the spine through each of the seven chakras which will then expand outwardly from the crown chakra. The ultimate goal of Kundalini Yoga is to increase self-awareness by surrendering your mind's voice to being switched off so that your chakras can unravel from the stress that the mind's voice puts on you so that your own energies can flow naturally and freely through you.

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy where small needles are used to manipulate the energies to create balance as a way to achieve yin yang. The acupuncturist will use what are called meridian points of the energetic body system, along with pressure points to help ease someone's ailments, relieve stress, to even help the lymphatic system release toxins that are build up or stored in the physical body.

Reflexology and massage are two energy healing therapies that go hand in hand. Reflexology uses massaging techniques with a certain amount of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears, because it is believed that these parts of the body are inter-connected to certain organs within the body. Reflexologists believe that when you apply these massaging pressures to the feet, hands, and ears, that it sends universal energies to the areas that are needing to be healed. Massages help people relax as it is believed that anyone who is stressed also blocks the universal energies from flowing properly within them. I basically describe it as if a beaver has built a home in the middle of the river of life and cuts off all essentials, like the universe's energies, that come from upstream to which is needed to help life downstream continue to strive.

energy healing therapy energy healing therapy


These healing and therapies above are pretty much how energy healing works with the primary energy systems that we have within our human form. The human form is an open system of energy that contains layers of energies which are constantly interacting with the environment of people, places, and things around you, including how you act or react to certain situations. Three out of the nine primary energy systems that are normally affected, it seems the most, are the auras, chakras, and meridians. There is an energy healing therapy called Therapeutic Touch that works greatly with these systems too.

I use to work with horses and helped support others who suffered from anxiety and PTSD to try therapeutic touch with a horse and it helped relieve the anxiety and anxiousness around them, but it also helped to regain trust.Doing therapeutic touch with the horses myself, I found peace, unconditional love, and comfort in the eyes of that animal. I actually felt free, yet no one rode these horses, it was just through grooming and feeling them breathe to regulate your own as you basically became the practitioner with yourself and the horse. But otherwise, therapeutic touch is where the therapists places their hands on or above the body with the intentions to help heal you while consciously directing and attuning the energies of the person that they are trying to heal while interacting with his or her energy fields as a whole, instead of just certain areas to help maintain an overall healing and balance. So if you feel heavy in energy or drained and unmotivated, maybe something is blocking one of your own energy systems or chakras to where you can perhaps find relief in mind, body, and spirit through energy healing.

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