Psychometry – The Art of Diving into the River Beneath the River

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Real Psychics Online / 20+ Years of Experience / 3 FREE Minutes

After an immensely romantic intimate date, your special someone forgets his sweater at your place and you find that you can’t stop touching it! You smell it, you wear it, you even sleep in it. Through this sweater, you want to absorb as much of his energy as you can, because it feels healing, supportive and positive. Through it, you feel connected to him.

What you’re sensing is precisely correct – your loved one’s vibes are good for you. If you wear the sweater of someone you can’t stand, the energy will bother you. This isn’t just a psychological phenomenon – ever been in a secondhand store where the energy of some items really attracted you while others appalled you? Even though you don’t know who owned the items before?

All physical items absorb energy from the people who use them, and feeling into this soulful energy is the first step towards psychometry. It’s seeing deeper than what meets the eye. It’s sensing the fire burning inside even when the person is silent. It’s diving deep into the river, reaching the lower current, beneath the visible river.

psychometry definition psychometry definition

What is Psychometry?

Putting this in internet-speak: a professional psychic who uses psychometry as her divination tool “downloads” energy information from the object. But psychometry isn’t one dimensional; a psychic who tunes into an object for a defined reason is sending a request to the “server,” i.e. our all-knowing universe and the specific object itself. So psychic information is exchanged both ways.

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For example, you show your psychic advisor a picture of your loved one and your advisor tunes into the photo for information. The all-knowing space around us, where all energies and beings connect whether they acknowledge it or not, knows that your advisor turns her attention to the photo for a reason – your love interest, your desire to know what he may be hiding and your yearning to understand him better.

There is endless information stored in the photo but depending on the unique request sent to the “server,” only a select few messages will be picked to be sent to and be received by your advisor – this is the server/universe responding to the request, followed by the downloading of psychic insights.

Throughout all these interactions, any information or insight that’s particularly related to you will have energetic precedence. If your loved one’s sister shows the photo to a psychic advisor, the information she will get will be different. Not wrong, but different, because psychic realms work with the principle of relevancy. What’s relevant for the sister may not be relevant for you.

Not all psychic information is useful for everyone – it wouldn’t help you to know what will happen to a complete stranger in another part of the world tomorrow. Any psychometry definition that doesn’t include the principle of relevancy, in our opinion, is incomplete. For a psychometry reading to be worth your time and investment, relevancy is crucial.

psychometry definition psychometry definition

Online Psychometry Readings

Psychometry readings don’t have to be in person. You can easily send your psychic advisor pictures through our email feature before a session, or via uploading it in real-time using the attachment option in your psychic chat window. The latter is available only on desktop – we’ll make it available on mobile soon, too.

There are many Kasamba psychometry readers – simply type in “psychometry” in the search box on the home page, hit enter, and you’ll instantly access all the psychic advisors who specialize in psychometry.

It might help to focus your thoughts before your session and find out which picture you will want to share with your advisor. It would also help to be specific about what you’d like to ask and know. A little preparation goes a long way!

Psychometry isn’t the best divination technique for yes/no questions. Open-ended questions, on the other hand, will bring you wider and deeper insights. Your psychic advisor will be able to provide you with the bigger picture and details that you’d miss if you were asking yes/no questions only. You could also just sent the picture to your psychic advisor, not specify a question, and let them tune in and see what kinds of information comes.

Your first 3 minutes with each new psychometry reader is absolutely FREE, allowing you a chance to find the right advisor for you, the one you feel a strong connection with. Continue on to a paid session only if you like your advisor!

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