Is Reincarnation Real? - How to know who you were in the past life

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco

Feel like you don’t belong in your skin? Do you feel more comfortable immersed in a culture other than your own? Do you dream of strange places and times that are vivid and yet you have no memory of them? Are you drawn to something, or have an inexplicable fear of something that doesn’t make sense? You could be experiencing slices of a past life experience. Throughout time people have asked if reincarnation is real and if so, who was I in a past life.

Our curiousity is piqued by evidence of reincarnation, including love at first sight, intuition and déjà vu. It’s often said that the past is the past. The present is where you need to be now, and the future will come in its own time. Some argue that past lives aren’t relevant to who you are in the here and now. That may be true to some extent, but it could also be that those lives are affecting you today and finding out who you were could be the key to creating real change in this life.

An inspiring book about this is Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss that shows proof of reincarnation and it’s affects on your present lifetime. What is also true is that space and time are one in higher dimensions. Meaning that once you tap into a higher state of awareness, when you are one with everything, there is no such thing as past, present or future. They are all one, in one space, one time. That’s where the soul sometimes goes when we sleep. It’s how our imagination is triggered as we see and experience reminders of a past life. Here are some sure-fire ways to tap into who and what you once were.

1. Meditate On The Question
Meditate On The Question Meditate On The Question
Ask yourself during meditation. Who was I in a past life? Let your spirit be free of your body. Let your imagination flow. Be receptive to what you see, feel and hear. Don’t expect a crystal clear answer on the first attempt. Whatever you get, whatever you hear, take note of it. The more you do it, the more you will discover. Trusting yourself is crucial. You don’t have to be a master meditator, have a degree in metaphysics, or be a “spiritual” person for this to work.
2. Gather The Evidence of Reincarnation
Gather The Evidence of Reincarnation Gather The Evidence of Reincarnation
Whether through meditation, intuition, or dreams, take note of when you get glimpses of the past, or flashes of places, things, and people. You might smell the ocean, a redwood forest, exotic spices and even the taste of food that is currently utterly alien to you. You might feel cold. Very cold. Take note of that! Anything that comes to mind, repeats itself, draws you in or repels you, or feels familiar could be a clue.
3. Keep An Open Mind
Keep An Open Mind
You have to be ok with the idea that you weren’t a big deal in a past life. Can we all be Cleopatra or Anthony? Of course not. We can’t all be descendants of a Royal family either. Chances are that your last life was recent. You could have once been a late great-grandmother, great-grandfather, etc. You could also have last lived a very, very long time ago. You need an open mind, and to be free from ideals that may keep you from zoning in on the truth of things. Small details are what you will build your story with. In time, they will paint a more complete picture.
4. Create A Past Life Board
Create A Past Life Board Create A Past Life Board
You’re going to come across many snippets of information. It will sometimes be hard to keep track of it all. Some of it will be conflicting. That’s perfectly normal. One day you meditate and will feel cold. Another time, while meditating on it, extreme heat. It’s part of the same process. This is where you put up a picture of what signifies cold to you. Be it snow, ice or a mountain. The same method applies to the heat. Is it a beach, a desert or does a camel feel right? Put it on the board. Eventually, you’ll have a lot of evidence. As you do, the picture will become crystal clear. The more significant information that you tap into, the longer this process will take. Depending on what you used to do, be or who you became, the data will make a lot of sense. That’s the joy of it. Discovering, piece by piece, who and what you were.
5. Complete The Picture
Complete The Picture Complete The Picture
At this point, you've meditated, gathered and covered your Past Life Board. You see it, you get it, and it makes perfect sense to you. You can see how some traits that you have are a direct result of who and what you once were. How this attraction that you have to another culture, place or people has shaped who and what you have become. This can be one of the most satisfying experiences of self-discovery imaginable. It’s relatable to you and you alone. No one can take it away or deny it. You know it to be true, and that’s enough.

After following the 5 steps to finding out who you were in a past life, there might still be gaps or you may not be able to figure out some details or aspects of things. That’s where a psychic or astrologer can help, they can give deeper meaning behind your reincarnation and provide further proof. Consider speaking to a Kasamba Advisor to better understand the meaning of reincarnation and to help you get more inspired and adequately tuned into your higher, more complete self.

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